Mortgage Application

Mortgage Home Loan Application

Did you know that our mortgage brokers are free? But nothing in life is free, you say?

Well, in Australia, mortgage brokers don’t charge fees for their services and can offer the same, often even more competitive loans for their customers.

The main benefit of using a mortgage broker is that it is kind of like having a personal assistant to take care of all of your paperwork when it comes to buying. Buying your first home, or investing can leave you a little out of your depth, with all of the jargon, fluctuating rates, and overwhelming choice when it comes to banks. Hunter Galloway takes the confusion out of the process for you. Due to many years of experience, we have seen all sides of the taking, which means that we can quickly and easily match the best rates on offer with your current circumstances. It’s not a one size fits all approach, it’s a tailored and calculated process.


Understanding The Mortgage Loan Application Process

The variance in processes between countries can be huge and really leave you in the deep end to struggle with finding ‘the right person to talk to’. Don’t find yourself at breaking point with always being put on hold, don’t get frustrated with the system because it’s always someone in another department who ‘should be able to help you’. Cut the stress and contact our team who will take care of this for you.

The key points to home loans are:

  • Generally, you can access or redraw any extra repayments you have made
  • You can manage your loan with online banking
  • Except for fixed rate, generally, you are able to make unlimited, additional repayments.

We have had a number of foreign investors come through our doors and specialise in providing the cheapest home loans for non-residents. Don’t make the mistake of applying through a bank for a non-resident mortgage, as you will find yourself with no flexibility and stuck in a mortgage that isn’t tailored to you.

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