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What is your employment status?
Each lender has different rules and policies based on your type of employment. If you let us know your employment status, we can search across our panel of lenders to find the most suitable loan and lender for you.
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How much savings do you have available to use as a deposit?
We recommend a minimum deposit of 10% of the property price, which is .
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Are you buying property with a partner?
By borrowing with your partner you will be able to increase your borrowing amount.
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Please exclude child benefits and make sure that health insurance and debt payments are deducted from your gross income.
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Please exclude child benefits and make sure that health insurance and debt payments are deducted from your gross income.
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    "LMI waivers may apply for certain professions and other circumstances. Our mortgage team will advise this to you once a full assessment is completed."
    Before you can get a mortgage, you need to have a deposit that should cover at least 10% of your home price.
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    30 years
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    Your maximum loan amount is based on your current income and available deposit. Calculations are estimates provided as a guide only, and are not a loan approval
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    The loan amount is calculated for the property price of $800,00
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    Total interest
    How much will my mortgage repayments be?
    Total interest
    Loan Amount
    Ready to take the next step?
    Based on your current income you may be able to get a loan of up to
    With a minimum required deposit of $120,000
    The ultimate guide for first-time home buyers
    Find out everything you need to know about buying your first property: from saving up for a deposit and choosing the right property to applying for a home loan.
    Read guide
    Mortgage tips
    How to choose the right home loan?
    When looking for a good deal on a home loan, the interest rate matters. A home loan is a long-term debt, so even a small difference in interest adds up over time.
    How to save on your mortgage?
    There are a myriad of way you can save money on your mortgage. As some simple tips: Have a larger deposit (we recommend over 10%); make additional repayments more frequently; and make sure you explore an offset option with your broker.
    Next steps in property investments
    If you're ready for the next steps, we have some words of advice: Property investment is simple, but not easy.
    In other words, it’s not something you should enter into lightly. So take the time to research and familiarise yourself with as much information as you possibly can.
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