Mortgage Broker Brisbane

At Hunter Galloway our motto is simple, “Clients Come First.” Whether you’re a first home buyer, or an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio you can rest easy knowing that our team of local and experienced mortgage brokers in Brisbane will work around the clock to get you a deal that works for you.
Mortgage Broker Brisbane

“We have built a brilliant reputation of being extremely well organised, helpful and making the home loan process as smooth as possible.” Hunter Galloway Mortgage Broker Brisbane

Our team of expert mortgage brokers are based in Brisbane, our Directors Nathan and Joshua Vecchio have worked in the finance industry for many years having started at some of Australia’s largest banks. Their combined experience means that advice given is suited to your personal circumstances. Our commitment to transparency and communication means help is only a phone call away – and if you can’t reach us, we promise get back to you within 4 business hours.


Who is in the Hunter Galloway Team? 

Hunter Galloway’s mission is to make your home loan application effortless. We build strong, personal relationships with every one of our clients and will work tirelessly to find you the right loan. And over 50 years collective experience in the finance industry, our team of brokers in Brisbane are here to assist you. As a boutique firm, we can give you personalised service that bigger brokers simply can’t match. We pride ourselves on transparency and communication, and no matter what you need – we are never more than a phone call away.

Our Mortgage Broker Brisbane team has over 50 years of collective experience in the finance industry.


Our reputation and achievements 

We have built a brilliant reputation of being extremely well organised, helpful and making the home loan process as smooth as possible.
Some of our achievements include:


  • Finance Brokers Association of Australia Broker of the Year 2017 (Queensland)
  • Vow Financial Rising Star of the Year 2016 (Queensland)
  • Bankwest New Support of the Year 2015
  • Finalists at the Australian Mortgage Broker awards in 2017.
  • Our Director Nathan Vecchio was named in The Adviser’s Top 5 Brokers in Australia under 30 for 2017
  • Regularly featured in The Adviser, Mortgage Professionals of Australia and other mortgage industry publications.

“Director Nathan Vecchio receiving his Broker of the Year award.” Mortgage Broker Brisbane 


Don’t risk having your home loan declined 

Did you know that over 40% of home loan applications that get submitted never make it to settlement? Don’t take that risk. 
Our brokers have seen all sorts of mistakes in the past! With their level of experience they know problems you may face on your loan application and how to mitigate them when applying with a specific bank or lender. We have a wide range of lenders on our panel and our brokers intimately understand their credit policies.
We can do this through our own internal credit assessment process which we complete before applying with any lender. Our team has its own internal Credit Manager who reviews each application before being submitted to the lenders, meaning we won’t apply with a lender who won’t approve your loan.


Why do I need a broker if I can get a loan through my bank?

We take extra time up front to go through your full situation and provide a complete lending solution.
You might have a situation where your bank will approve a loan for you to buy a block of land and then not approve the construction loan when its time to construct a house on it!
Our brokers will look at your needs now and into the future, to make sure you have the best possible loan that looks after al of your needs.


How much does it cost to use a broker, and your services?

Our services are completely free for all home and investment loans. We get paid by the lenders for doing the work, collating your loan application and meeting with you that otherwise would be done by a bank manager or branch lender so you get access to the same rates as if you went to the lender directly.
The advantage for you is that unlike when dealing with one bank, we can help you work with a wider variety of lenders and get the best options that work for you choosing from our panel of over 30 banks and lenders!


How do brokers get paid? 

Mortgage brokers in Brisbane get paid commissions from the banks, we do the same work the branch manager would do in putting together your loan application – except we are invested in your loan application and will work very hard to get it approved, as well as provide incredible service.
As our team at Hunter Galloway are mortgage broking and credit experts we can answer all of your questions instead of directing you to another department.


FBAA & Credit and Investments Ombudsman Membership 

As members of the Financial Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and the Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) we must uphold the highest level of excellence when helping clients with their finances. The members of each organisation must meet a minimum standard in experience, education and ongoing training to maintain membership each year and as active members we commit to upholding these standards, ensuring we maintain their high levels of compliance, integrity and professionalism with all of our mortgage clients.


What types of customers do you help?

Our mission is to make your home loan application effortless. We always work towards building a strong and personal relationship with every one of our clients and will work tirelessly to find the right home loan for you. Your mortgage is a lifelong commitment, and so is our commitment to you.


How difficult is a home loan application? 

Did you know that most home loan applications can be touched by at least 20 different companies? Banks, solicitors, valuers, different online systems, the list goes on!
Before you start talking to your bank you have your mortgage broker, their aggregator and software provider – just to prepare and lodge your application!
When your file reaches the bank’s system they will instruct a valuation management company, like Valex or VMS who then instruct subcontracting valuers to inspect the company, as well as obtain a copy of your  credit report from the credit reporting bureau.
If you have less than a 20% deposit (or are borrowing more than 80% of the properties value) then the bank will also need to get approval for your loan from the mortgage insurers – who have the final say on the application.
Once your loan has been approved the banks often use solicitors to prepare the loan offer and contracts, as well a seperate settlement agent to arranger cheques and fund your loan.
We help cut out all the noise in the process, we deal with the banks and third parties on your behalf – and always keep you in the loop.


Valuation issues & credit scores 

One of the most common issues we see is with valuations, and shortfalls which can ultimately stop your property journey before it even begins. We can order free up front valuations with many of our lenders, meaning we can find out what your bank thinks your property is worth way before applying with them.
From experience we know that ordering a valuation prior to applying for a home loan makes sure your credit file doesn’t get damaged from having multiple enquiries.
We can provide free valuations and also a copy of your credit file so you know where you stand way before applying for a loan with the banks!

mortgage broker brisbane

Complex Credit Policy Pitfalls 

Each lender and bank in Australia has a unique credit policy, meaning while some will accept your full income, others may not allow it due to their policy.
Quite often bank policy can be set in stone, and due to the complexity bank staff quite honestly don’t know it nor do many mortgage broker Brisbane. They are not familiar with complex situations and how to correctly assess them. This can sometimes cause it to take quite a long time to process your application and even in some instances mean your loan will get declined for no good reason.
With banks making their policies more and more complex it becomes more important to correctly package, and asses your application before it is even lodged with the bank – showing the banks all of the strengths of your home loan application and making sure it fits all of their policies.
At Hunter Galloway we have our own in house credit team and we make sure your application is going to fit with the bank each time.


Why should I use a mortgage broker in Brisbane? 

The best mortgage brokers can help you through their intimate knowledge of credit policy, making the home loan process quick, easy and stress free.
We work with a wide range of borrowers, from first home owners, experienced property investors to medical professionals helping them find the best deal.
Through our intimate bank credit knowledge we can find ‘secret’ policy exceptions to get approvals for applications that would normally get declined, including no deposit guarantor home loans and unusual employment loans.
We also have very strong relationships with the credit teams and key staff at the banks meaning we are also in a good position to get the very best interest rates for you. Often this means cheaper variable or fixed interest rates, or rebates from the bank to cover the costs to refinance your loan.


Would you like to speak with a broker? 

Hunter Galloway are an Award Winning Mortgage Broker based in Brisbane. We help clients from our local area, Australia, and all over the world. We believe buying a home should be stress-free and uncomplicated, and we will work for you to make your dreams become reality.
With so many different criteria across lenders, it is hard to know which lender to go to for your loan. Luckily, Hunter Galloway has the knowledge and experience to find the right lender and get your loan approved. If you’d like to maximise your borrowing capacity then call us or book a free assessment.

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We are passionate about finance and that’s what sets us apart from other brokers!

With a variety of experience within home loans, finance, property, rentals and more, we take your finances very seriously and aim to give you great experience from the very first point of contact. We do all of the hard work for you so that you can have your finance portfolio set up, seamlessly.

Our services are offered at no cost which means that we can truly put your needs first and make sure that the most beneficial outcome is given to you.

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