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First Home Buyer Hub

Whether you’re looking for advanced strategies, tips for getting started, or tactics for negotiating your first home, this is your hub for Home Buying knowledge.

I’ll show you how you can go from “clueless” to “clued in” when it comes to knowing how much you can really afford. It goes beyond just plugging a few numbers into an online calculator. Using this strategy you will understand the true costs of buying and owning a home, including a few sneaky hidden fees that you might not expect.
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I’ll show you how to turn your property search from a random mess into a structured framework which will filter out the time-wasters and let the cream of the property crop rise to the top. This will save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on choosing the best option from just a few top candidates.
You’re going to learn how to make an offer on a property, and get it settled! Instead of worrying if you’re underbidding or overbidding, you’ll come to the table confident that you’re making an offer that is a fair price. When it comes to negotiation, you’ll know all of the tricks they use (and have a few tricks of your own) so you can come out on top.
Here you’ll find all of our free calculators, tools and resources. Crunch the numbers to see if what you’re currently paying in rent is more (or maybe even less) than what you could be paying for your own home!