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Renovation project management

Renovation project management

Managing your next renovation will keep you on track, on time schedule and on budget. Here are a few tips to keep you on track!

We’ve all heard it before, however proper planning prevents poor outcomes. This is the same with renovations, planning is at the heart of every successful renovation. The benefits of managing the project result in better quality, time bound, completed works within the budget you’d anticipated.


Budgeting plays a huge role in your renovation, a details plan of works to be completed with accurate costing for everything such as materials, labour and other fees is an absolute must!

It’s also important to look at a worse case scenario, see if your budget can cope with any unforeseen circumstances. The key with any renovation is to expect the unexpected, anything from weather related hold ups to your builder discovering hidden nasties – e.g. dodgy wiring needing to be replaced.  Ask any seasoned renovated and they’ll say expect the unexpected. So long as you’ve made allowances for the possible additional costs you won’t be forced to put the project on hold midway through completion.

Stick to the Plan…

Home owners can often be the worst enemy of the a tradie, as they chop and change their plan during various stages of the renovation. Changes to the plan will result in dragging out the completion date and not to mention the additional cost.

Unless you have an extremely good reason to change plans it’s better to spend the time upfront when planning to make sure you’re absolutely happy with the proposed renovations rather than starting the renovation half hearted and chopping and changing your way through to completion.

Time management

An important part of the renovation, ensuring the work is completed on a schedule. There are some things you can do to ensure the project runs to the schedule.

First, contact your local council to check what sort of red tape applies to your project. Be sure to lodge all required paper work on time, if unsure contact your builder or architect who should be able to point you in the right direction.

Next, check the availability of materials at an early stage and develop a timeframe based on quoted delivery dates. Look to set up a second plan with your builder if certain materials can’t be delivered on time – you might be able to start completing other areas.

Finally, have an open and frank discussion with your builder about who will be on site – and when. It’s not uncommon for the builder to only appear on-site once or twice a week while his team of tradies carry out the bulk of the work in between.

Let the experts do their job

A good builder will keep you up to date at all times, and on major projects you may want to stipulate that you and the builder get together at the end of each week for a run-down on where the project is at.

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