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What do Mortgage Brokers in Australia do?

If you’re unsure about what do mortgage brokers in Australia do, then this article is for you!

A mortgage broker negotiates between a lender – usually the bank and the borrower – usually you! We do all the research and find the best loan on your behalf.

Why should I use a mortgage broker?

Where do I even begin! Mortgage brokers do all of the hard work for you at no cost! Due to having a diverse portfolio of contacts and lenders, we are able to set up a better deal for you, along with bringing you the following benefits:

  • Shop around for the best deal when it comes to interest rates and home loans
  • Central point of information
  • Can confirm the guidelines and assist with your eligibility when it comes to obtaining a loan

Who needs a mortgage broker?

There’s a common misconception that mortgage brokers are just for first home buyers. However what many people don’t realise is that your financial circumstances are forever evolving and having someone on top of that can make a huge difference. You might need to refinance or purchase an investment property, working with mortgage brokers can make it an easy process. Another way mortgage brokers assist is through setting up guarantor loans, bad credit loans and default loans.

How much do mortgage brokers in Australia cost?

Services of a mortgage broker in Australia are completely free to you!

But how?

When setting up your loan, mortgage brokers get paid a commission by the bank or lender. So you don’t need to worry about any unexpected fees and can be sure that we are on your side, due to this commission just being a standard part of the process.

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