How can LMI be waived

How can LMI be waived

LMI waived to 85% LVR. How Do I Save Thousands On Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

If you’re looking to purchase a property to live in and looking to avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) you might be in luck! You can save thousands in LMI and achieve a great interest rate too.

In recent times banks and lenders have reviewed their policy and now can offer LMI waiver when borrowing up to 85% of the property value. This offer has been expanded from what was previously limited to medical practitioners, lawyers and a few other industries.

To be eligible for LMI waiver and a great interest rate special you’ll need to:

  • Fit the occupation class
  • Have 1 year in your current employment or have worked in same industry/profession for 2 years
  • Possess a clean credit file
  • 5% genuine savings (that is, some of your deposit must be from your own savings)
  • Have sufficient deposit
  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident,
  • Be in a sound financial position and meet general lender credit policy
How much will I save in LMI?

Here are some examples of a typical LMI premium for a 85% lend based on various loan amounts.

Loan Amount LMI Premium
$300,000 $2,850
$400,000 $4,600
$500,000 $5,750
$600,000 $8,880
$700,000 $10,360

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