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Brisbane Neighbourhood Guide

There’s more to it than you think
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With over 126 days of sunshine each year, Brisbane part of the Sunshine State brings warm balmy weather and chilled out city life.

The perfect city for families with a mixture of inner-city suburbia still reasonably priced in the market, it’s no wonder why interstate investors decide to pick up and move to Brisbane each year to live a more affordable life.

If you’re thinking about moving to Brisbane or are wondering about your options to get into the property marketing in Brisbane, we’ve compiled the ultimate Brisbane Neighbourhood Guide for you.


Brisbane Neighbourhood Guide


Walkable Suburbs in Brisbane


Just 6 km from Brisbane City, Ashgrove provides the locality of one of the top inner-city suburbs with a suburban feel. Discover on your doorstep a handful of local cafes, small bars, supermarkets and schools making it one of the top walkable cities in Brisbane.

Key differences:

  • ✅ Parks / Suburban feel
  • ✅ Neighbourly Spirit
  • ✅ Some bars and restaurants
  • ✅ Three large supermarkets within walking distance of each other


Ashgrove has lots of beautiful Queenslander homes and tree-lined streets. 



While the name comes with more of a price tag, it’s no wonder why Paddington is so highly sorted after. By day, the well known La Trobe Street cutting through the heart of Paddington fills with locals and all alike wandering through the array of boutiques, cafes and bars.

By night, continue down the terrace as it merges into Caxton Street and you can finish your night at one of the many bustling bars.

Key differences:

  • ✅ In high demand
  • ✅ Traditional Queenslanders
  • ✅ Everything in walking distance


paddington mortgage broker

Paddington is a beautiful suburb located 2 km from Brisbane CBD.



An emerging hub which was once mostly overlooked by locals, Nundah is bringing a choice of apartment living and lifestyle combined to Brisbane. Nundah Village is creating a name for itself and quickly becoming new “go to” place for fine dining, social bars and clothing and trinket shops. Set 8kms north east of Brisbane City, it’s locality and choice of cafes, supermarkets, public transport and schools leaves Nundah to be a top contender for first home buyers.

Key facts

  • ✅ In high demand
  • ✅ Growing suburb
  • ✅ Apartment complexes being built on a steady increase
  • ✅ Century-old worker cottages, two-storey brick-and-timber houses and rustic Queenslanders


Kelvin Grove

With Kelvin Grove Road connecting the northern suburbs into the city, Kelvin Grove is well connected with inner-city bus lines passing through regularly. Drive a few streets away from this main road and you’ll find peace and quiet in the hidden back streets. Enjoy the combination of convenience and comfort in Kelvin Grove

Key differences:

  • ✅ Schools/University
  • ✅ Great public transport
  • ✅ Parks and suburban feel


building a house brisbane

Kelvin Grove offers the best of both worlds, with backyards and close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD.


Up and coming suburbs in Brisbane


Set 13km north of Brisbane CBD, Nudgee brings a charming blend of suburbia mixed with convenient public transport, parks and services. It has posted capital growth of 7.7 per cent annually over the last ten years. It’s a great place to start a family too.

Key differences:

  • ✅ Clean
  • ✅ Schools
  • ✅ Peace & Quiet / Suburban Feel
  • ✅ Shopping Options
  • ✅ Lack of Traffic
house being built in brisbane (1)

Suburbs like Nudgee are getting popular for brand new house builds due to its good location.



Gaythorne is an emerging suburb located north-west of Brisbane CBD, with Samford Road connecting it to Brisbane’s main roads. With a beautiful suburban feel, the train line keeps it well connected and the area is leafy and quiet. It’s a great place to start a family or for those thinking about getting into the property market, and it has grown by 7.4 per cent annually

Key differences:

  • ✅ Schools
  • ✅ Peace & Quiet / Suburban Feel
  • ✅ Train line


Loganholme is a well-connected suburb where the Pacific Motorway and the Logan Motorway meet in the northern boundary. With sports and recreational facilities, schools and large blocks of land, Loganholme is set on the way to the Gold Coast which makes it convenient for those looking to work outside of Brisbane City.

Key differences:

  • ✅ Well connected to the highway
  • ✅ Train line
  • ✅ Schools
  • ✅ Parks and recreational facilities



If you need help looking for a Home Loan, follow these 11 steps to find the best home loan in Brisbane!


Other suburbs to check out:

  • ✅ Northgate
  • ✅ Hendra
  • ✅ Kenmore



Family-friendly suburbs in Brisbane


Surrounded by the North Pine Dam there are so many recreational options for people in Petrie.

Key differences:

  • ✅ Schools/University
  • ✅ Great public transport
  • ✅ Parks and suburban feel
family homes morningside

Looking for Family Friendly suburbs in Brisbane is easier than the other major cities across Australia.



Banyo is still not heavily sort after yet considered to be one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets by residents. With quick access to the train line, you can go directly to Brisbane Airport. The leafy suburb also offers a choice of schools all at an affordable price.

Key differences

  • ✅ Mature or established families and couples
  • ✅ Very well linked to Brisbane Airport and Sandgate
  • ✅ Timber houses with large yards
  • ✅ Schools/University


Best suburbs in Brisbane for Couples

Depending on what you are looking for suburbs like East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point can be perfect for Couples in Brisbane. In less than 10 minutes you can walk home from the CBD to either suburb so you won’t even need a car!

  • ✅ East Brisbane
  • ✅ Kangaroo Point
  • ✅ Indooroopilly
  • ✅ Highgate Hill


mortgage brokers in brisbane

Brisbane has lots of beautiful suburbs a short ride across the Story Bridge, including Kangaroo Point and East Brisbane.


Suburbs for First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers have lots of options in Brisbane for some up and coming suburbs like Rocklea, Bald Hills, Ellen Grove and Darra. The only thing to double check before signing a contract is a quick Flood Report, to make sure your property hasn’t gone underwater in recent years.

  • 🏡 Rocklea
  • 🏡 Bald Hills
  • 🏡 Ellen Grove
  • 🏡 Darra

Read More: How to do a FREE Flood Report on any property in Brisbane


Bonus 1: Consider expanding your search

Brisbane expands out and offers a diverse choice of suburbs that suit your lifestyle needs.

Just 30 minutes northwest of Brisbane will lead you to suburbs like Eatons Hill, McDowall and Albany Creek which offer a comfortable and still affordable lifestyle for families.

Discover a community mindset and find tranquillity within the suburbs of Brisbane connecting you to nature.

Or if an inner city lifestyle is more for you consider suburbs like Hendra, Nundah and Banyo.

Their proximity to schools, supermarkets and public transport leave you spoilt for choice and property prices increase drastically in affordability, opening up a range of possibilities for first home buyers.

paddington home buyers

Suburbs on the South side of Brisbane can offer some good value as starter homes. Suburbs like Annerley and Moorooka are good places to start.


Bonus 2: Research the market

When you’re getting serious to buy, understand where Brisbane is sitting within the property cycle to develop a further understanding of local market trends.

Read up about your chosen suburb and even consider renting short-term accommodation in your chosen suburb for a week or two to help figure out if the suburb is right for you.

Property Market Research The Definitive Guide

The first step is doing some real estate research. Follow our step by step Property Research Guide

These statistics will help you determine if the neighbourhood is the right fit for you if the lifestyle is within your budget and how much competitive areas should be offered.

Understand the property sales prices through spending time researching previous sales in the area or ask Hunter Galloway to give you a free report on rental income, property sales prices and more.



Next steps and settling your new home

Our team here at Hunter Galloway is here to help you buy a home in Brisbane. Nathan & Joshua Vecchio are Senior Mortgage brokers who specialise in making your home journey easy.

Unlike other mortgage brokers who are just one person operators, we have an entire team of experts to help make your home loan journey as simple as possible.

If you want to get started, please get in touch here and we can book a time that suits you – either a phone call information session or a face to face meeting (which doesn’t cost anything for you).

Mortgage Broker Brisbane

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