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Best Suburbs in Brisbane

Where to live, invest and buy in 2020
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Wondering how your home rates in Brisbane’s best suburbs? Or what are the best areas to live in Brisbane? What about where to invest in Brisbane in 2020?

Today we welcome back the new year by looking at Brisbane’s best suburbs, and other factors that will influence the Brisbane property market in 2020.


1. Best Suburbs to live in Brisbane

With our population forecast to grow well over 3 million people by 2035, PWC’s CityPulse SEQ report looks what suburbs across Brisbane are set to perform best of the next few years.

…Using ratings based on how good the suburb is to live, work and play in

The live part measures access to life’s essentials, like health services, education and childcare. In this section Toowong, Coorparoo, Tarragindi and Mount Gravatt have been highly rated.

Work looks at work-life balance and the access to quality employment opportunities in and around that suburb. Under this category, Brisbane City, North Lakes (Mango Hill), Newstead and Springfield Lakes have been rated very highly.

brisbane best suburb to live

Having access to outdoor spaces, and areas to social is a really important aspect of ‘play’ in the ratings.

And finally play looks at ways residents can flourish, giving people access to explore, recharge and connect with each other (and disconnect from work). Under this section South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Kelvin Grove (including Herston), Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley have been highly rated.

So what is the full lost of Brisbane’s best suburbs to live, work and play? The Top 10 results are:

Brisbanes best suburbs

These suburbs were determined by 3 main criteria – how good they were to work, live and play in. At the top of the list are Toowong, Brisbane City and South Brisbane coming in at number 1.

With the way Brisbane’s public transport is set up, proximity to the CBD is the biggest contributor to the live scores.

Some of the inner city suburbs are supported by another survey completed by Domain’s Liveable Cities Study, which also rated Alderney, Wilston, Ascot, Paddington and Newmarket very highly.

The work scores are largely determined by some of the larger Masterplanned precincts, so if you have bought around Yarrabilba, Springfield and North Lakes your suburbs going to greatly benefit from both the live and work metrics.

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2. Breakdown of Best Suburbs to Live in Brisbane

When it comes to the best suburbs in Brisbane, it’s safe to say the competition is fierce. 

We’ve broken this section into Brisbane’s best suburbs to:


Brisbane’s most liveable suburb 

But if you’re looking for a suburb that is well connected to the city, and also provides a strong suburban feel, then start here. 

These suburbs also have a mix of employment opportunities, which will lower your daily commute.

best suburbs to invest in brisbane 2020


Thanks to Toowong’s convenient location, it has grown over the years into a cafe precinct. Public transport connects the suburb into the city with it sitting adjacent to the Brisbane River. Toowong makes one of Brisbane’s top picks when it comes to the best suburbs to live in.

  • Cafes
  • Walkability
  • Public transport options


Coorparoo has evolved drastically over the past few years, with well-connected access to the city. 

It’s cafe lifestyle and central Coorparoo Square makes it a desirable spot to live in, with a choice of schools and public transport options too.

  • Cafes
  • Walkability
  • Public transport options
  • Schools


Tarragindi sits on the border of the Toohey Forest. This southern suburb is great for families looking for a leafy area with schools and great walkability.

  • Walkability
  • Schools

Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt is a growing suburb that is a top pick for those working on the Southside. It brings a choice of education precincts, growing cafe culture and room to move. Mount Gravatt is a flourishing suburb that is well connected to the city.

  • Growing cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Public transport options
  • Schools/Education precincts


Brisbane’s most work friendly suburbs 

Our next category of Brisbane’s best suburbs looks at work-life balance and the access to quality employment opportunities in and around that suburb. 

best suburbs in brisbane 2020

North Lakes (Mango Hill)

North Lakes is a planned community that has driven growth in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. Connecting off the Bruce Highway and to the train line, it is a great option for commuters looking for a local feel. The shopping options and walkability, as well as proximity to the water, make it a popular choice of suburbs.

  • Growing cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Train line
  • Shopping


Newstead is a beautiful inner-city suburb perfect for those wanting to remain walking distance to everything. The suburb sits just outside of the city and brings a strong cafe culture as well as many small businesses choosing to call Newstead home.  

  • Inner-city
  • Cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Employment options
  • Shopping

Springfield Lakes

Springfield Lakes sits within the western corridor of Brisbane. The suburb is growing rapidly and provides a choice of housing options, parklands and lifestyle facilities. This suburb is great for families who are not looking to reside close to the city, with many education precincts including primary, high school and a university.

  • Employment options
  • Education
  • Ample space


Brisbane’s best suburbs to play in

And finally, these suburbs looks at ways residents can flourish, giving people access to explore, recharge and connect (and disconnect from work). 

best suburbs in brisbane to invest

South Brisbane

South Brisbane sits in a gorgeous little pocket closeby to the river. Providing a choice of cafes, retail and bars, it is a very walkable suburb. Many businesses choose to reside in South Brisbane too, along with schools making it a great choice for both youth and families.  

  • Inner-city
  • Cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Employment options
  • Education 


Woolloongabba is a growing precinct bringing a mix of cafes and retail options. Beyond the well known Gabba Sports Ground, the suburb is well connected to the city and is also a very walkable suburb. Yet still being a bit of a thoroughfare from the city to the outer suburbs, this brings the suburb some petty crime.

  • Inner-city
  • Cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Employment options

Kelvin Grove/Herston

Kelvin Grove has a choice of education options and is a popular suburb for students to reside in. With a couple of cafes nestled amongst the beautiful leafy streets, it is well connected by public transport making it a popular choice of suburbs.

  • Inner-city
  • Walkability
  • Public transport
  • Education 

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley has seen a serious transformation from party suburb to rapidly growing, inner-city living apartment. Fortitude Valley still has a strong nightlife scene, so it’s a place for those wanting to be in the thick of it. Fortitude Valley brings a variety of cafes and employment options too. This suburb is loved for its retail, culture and walkability. 

  • Inner-city
  • Cafe culture
  • Walkability
  • Public transport
  • Education 

best suburbs to buy in brisbane


3. Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane

Population growth is considered one of the key contributors to property value growth in Australia.

And according to recent research conducted by Matusik Property Insights, the following 20 suburbs, out of a total 323 suburbs in the total South East Queensland region will account for around 40% of the anticipated population growth in the area.

While Property Investment growth is not only determined by a suburbs population increase, it along with wages, land supply and housing demand can influence the market.

brisbane best suburb

Either way, these suburbs are a good starting point to start researching a potential investment suburb in Brisbane.

For more information on population and job projections, and what they mean for the market you can access Michael Matusik’s population + job report here.

Southeast Queensland suburbs Projected population increase (PA) Relevant region % relevant region’s projected growth
1. Ripley 4,030 Ipswich 31%
2. Jimboomba 2,920 Logan 37%
3. Caloundra-West 2,110 Sunshine Coast 22%
4. Pimpama 2,020 Gold Coast 14%
5. Coomera 1,830 Gold Coast 12%
6. Greenbank 1,650 Logan 21%
7. Bellbird Park-Brookwater 1,610 Ipswich 12%
8. Rosewood 1,600 Ipswich 12%
9. Springfield Lakes 1,540 Ipswich 12%
10. North Lakes-Mango Hill 1,510 Moreton Bay 16%
11. Landsborough 1,150 Sunshine Coast 12%
12. South Brisbane 1,120 Inner Brisbane 18%
13. Newstead-Bowen Hills 980 Inner Brisbane 16%
14. Southport 960 Gold Coast 6%
15. Surfers Paradise 960 Gold Coast 6%
16. Upper Coomera-Willow Vale 890 Gold Coast 6%
17. Murrumba Downs-Griffin 820 Moreton Bay 9%
18. Redbank Plains 730 Ipswich 3%
19. Cashmere 710 Moreton Bay 7%
20. Fortitude Valley 610 Inner Brisbane 10%
Top 20 suburbs 29,750 SEQld 40%

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4. Breakdown of best suburbs to invest in Brisbane

When it comes to investing in Brisbane, the easiest way to figure out where to invest is by starting with your budget. 

There are three clear brackets – entry-level $550 – $700k, mid-range $700k to $1mil and $1mil plus. So starting from the top, let’s take a look.

Inner City. A budget of $1mil plus…

If you have room to move with your budget, here are some of Brisbane’s best suburbs to invest in over $1 million. 


Ascot has been, for quite some time, a highly sort after suburb. Set between the CBD and the Airport, its convenient location and choice of housing options make it a desirable suburb to call home. Enjoy the cafe culture, selection of schools nearby and train or ferry line linking up to the CBD.

New Farm/Teneriffe

These two riverside suburbs merge into each other and reside along the Brisbane River. The housing options here are incredible, and the long term investment opportunities are worth the upfront cost. This area is well connected to the city, with great walkability, education options and a bustling employment hub. 

Highgate Hill

Highgate Hill is a rapidly growing suburb with significant growth in the pipeline. This suburb boasts incredible views of the city, but this tiny pocket is in high demand – which comes at no surprise! 

best brisbane suburbs


Mid-range budget between $700k to $1 million

Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill is a quiet achiever and in the past has been overlooked. Yet now as housing prices go up, families are being moved out of inner-city suburbs and areas like Cannon Hill are growing in demand. This suburb brings a choice of schools, public transport and shopping centres. The older homes leave room for renovation bringing incredible value too. 


Wilston is a beautiful, established suburb with a strong cafe culture and local feel. The area has changed and moved from a quaint northern suburb to a more modern, contemporary feel. With a train line and busway, it is well linked to the city, making it a popular option for renters too.


Tarragindi sits on the south side of Brisbane and brings a strong suburban feel. The suburb links in well with the CBD from the Pacific Motorway and is predicted for future growth.


Taringa is a great suburb for families with schools and public transport all close by. Along with a range of entertainment precincts, Taringa is growing suburb ready for investment.

best suburbs in brisbane


Now it’s time to move to the entry-level price range, from $550k to $700k.

This choice of suburbs brings a fair price and a great starting point for investors.


Keperra is a wonderful entry-level suburb that brings incredible value. With a strong community feel, it is well connected to the CBD with the train line crossing through it. Keperra is a wonderful investment opportunity for those looking for a quiet, yet well-connected suburb.

Chermside West

Chermside West brings a calmer alternative to its neighbouring suburb, Chermside. It is great for families wanting a more suburban feel, yet remaining connected to public transport, schools and hospitals.

Stafford Heights

Stafford Heights is a wonderful investment opportunity for families. There has also been a significant amount of retirees and government housing putting money into the area. Stafford Heights brings both families and professional couples to its neighbourhood.

brisbane best suburbs


5. Brisbane suburbs to watch in 2020

As we covered earlier this year, we think these are the best suburbs to watch in 2020.

  • ✅ Strathpine
  • ✅ Ferny Hills
  • ✅ Kedron
  • ✅ Oxley
  • ✅ Greenslopes 
  • ✅ Caloundra

….Ok Caloundra isn’t in Brisbane, but still, one to watch in South East Queensland!

best suburb queensland

While Caloundra is technically on the Sunshine Coast (and not Brisbane) we are still counting it as one to watch in 2020.

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6. Brisbane’s Most Expensive Suburbs

It wouldn’t be a list of Brisbane’s best suburbs without forgetting about the most expensive ones!


Coming in at number one, and perhaps one of Brisbane’s hipper suburbs is New Farm.

brisbane riverfront property

Brisbane’s New Farm is a suburb within walking distance of the city and located on the River.

New Farm is located within walking distance of the Brisbane CBD and is known for having a beautiful blend of both traditional Queenslanders all the way to some modern unit buildings.

What we love is the blend of character architecture, with trendy cafes and dining experiences. In the middle of it, all is New Farm Park and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

new farm property

With a median house price of $1,737,500 (according to Domain), New Farm is currently Brisbane’s most expensive suburb.


7. Top Suburbs for First Home Buyers in Brisbane

One of the biggest challenges for First Home Buyers in Brisbane is finding the best suburb to buy in.

Should you buy near your parents?

Or maybe near work?

But at the end of the day, it usually comes down to budget.

…Which is where the next suburb along strategy can help you get in sooner!

first home buyer suburbs bribane

While you might want to buy in Ashgrove, what you can get for your budget might not be as good as what you could buy in Mitchelton for example.

…Or Paddington, where the median house price is $1.15M but if you look the next suburb along being The Gap and you can buy a house for closer to $685,000!

Remember, your first house doesn’t need to be your forever house.




That’s it for now

Overall the Australian property market is looking steady for 2020 and we’re looking forward to seeing you throughout the year!

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