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Best Suburbs in Brisbane

Where to live, invest and buy in 2023

Compare suburbs in Brisbane: housing price, green zones and more.

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Whether it’s proximity to schools, parks, cost of living, closeness to family, coffee shops, or even a thriving nightlife, we all have those criteria that make a suburb ‘perfect’ for us. But choosing your ideal suburb to live in takes more than just the ‘right feeling’. It takes careful consideration and research.

So for buyers struggling with this dilemma, we’ve unpacked everything you need to know about the best 20 Brisbane Suburbs and ranked them — so you don’t have to. We’ll also dive into the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane, taking into account other factors that will influence the Brisbane property market in 2023.

Even if you’re just curious, the following will uncover everything you need to know and more, so you can make sure a suburb is right for you and your family. Enjoy!

1. Best Suburbs to live in Brisbane

Best suburbs in Brisbane for you

In 2019, Domain released their inaugural Domain Liveable Brisbane study. Looking at 17 different indicators, they ranked Brisbane’s suburbs from top to bottom.

According to a report formulated by CityPulse SEQ, there are three key factors you need to look at when you’re looking to find the right suburb to live, buy or invest in:

The Live metric: 

To determine their Live metric, the people at CityPulse looked at proximity to Brisbane’s CBD, access to amenities, proximity to high-quality education institutions, high community health scores, crime rates, affordable housing, access to health care, and a few other factors.

The Work metric:

The Work metric is determined by the level of transport connectivity between residential homes and places of employment, quality of infrastructure, and access to local jobs.

The Play metric:

The Play metric relates to how much fun you can have in your suburb. CityPulse SEQ determined their Play score by looking at access to cultural experiences, dining, entertainment, sporting events, parks and gardens, and other amenities.

The live work play metrics shown in graphical format

These three metrics sum up the most important things you need to consider when you’re looking for the right suburb for you. Everyone will have different priorities, so you need to spend the time to think about what is most important to you and choose your target suburb accordingly.

Below, we’ll take a look at Domain’s top 20 and see how their rankings compare to PWC’s CityPulse study.

Brisbane’s top 20 most liveable suburbs (ranked)

1. Alderley


Alderley comes in at the top of Domain’s list, and for a good reason. With wide, tree-lined streets and close proximity to the CBD, Alderley ranks highly for good access to public transport, low crime rates, access to top quality schools, and plenty of open spaces for the family to enjoy.

Learn more: Alderley’s suburb profile

2. Wilston


Coming in at number two on the list, Wilston is another strong contender for Brisbane’s most liveable suburb. With recent gentrification thanks to an array of beautifully renovated homes, living in Wilston also offers a great cafe culture, plenty of open space, and a high level of walkability. The nearby train station also means easy access to public transport.

Learn more:  Wilston’s suburb profile

Wilston is Brisbane's second best suburb to live in.

3. Ascot


No real surprises here – Ascot has been considered one of Brisbane’s top spots for quite some time. Ascot rates as number three on the list thanks to a great culture, plenty of cafes, and excellent access to public transport via buses, trains, and ferries. With a number of major employment nodes nearby, it also ranks highly for work.

Learn more: Ascot’s suburb profile

Ascot - Brisbane's third best suburb to live in

4. Paddington


Just a couple of kilometres out from the CBD, Paddington ranks highly across all of the Live, Work, and Play metrics. If you work in the city, you can literally walk to work. And with a plethora of cafes and retail options in the area, you’ve got plenty of choice after work or on the weekend.

Learn more: Paddington’s suburb profile

Paddington is Brisbane's fourth best suburb to live in

5. Newmarket


Newmarket has seen a lot of gentrification over recent years, with many property owners either renovating or rebuilding homes to take advantage of its proximity to the city. With great options for culture, cafes, retail, and walkability, there’s plenty to love in Newmarket.

Learn more: Newmarket’s suburb profile

Newmarket - brisbane's sixth best suburb

6. Red Hill


Just next door to Paddington, Red Hill also ranks highly for liveability, coming in at number six. Thanks to its great topographic variation (a fancy way of saying that it’s got plenty of hills), there are plenty of opportunities to secure a home with a nice view. You can easily walk to the CBD from there which makes it great for anyone who’s employed in the city. Red Hill also scores highly for culture.

Learn more: Red Hill’s suburb profile

Red Hill - number six on Brisbane's best suburb list

7. Kelvin Grove


You might be seeing a bit of a trend here – the suburbs close to Brisbane’s CBD rank very highly for liveability, from both Domain’s Liveable Brisbane study and PWC’s CityPulse study. And for a good reason – proximity to the city centre offers a lot of benefits while still allowing you to live a suburban lifestyle. Kelvin Grove is another top suburb, with the additional benefit of easy access to QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus, and the nearby Kelvin Grove State College.

Learn more: Kelvin Grove’s suburb profile

Kelvin Grove - Brisbane's 7th best suburb.

8. Windsor


Just a little further out from the city than Wilston (Brisbane’s second most liveable suburb), Windsor has an impressive cultural and cafe lifestyle that makes it an attractive prospect. It’s close enough to the CBD and Fortitude Valley if you’d like to venture in, but far enough away so you can have some peace and quiet.

 Learn more: Windsor’s suburb profile

Windsor is number 8 on Brisbane's top ten suburbs.

9. Albion


Hop across one suburb to Albion and you’ll find another great suburb to live in. It has some of Brisbane’s best cultural and cafe offerings and offers high walkability. You’ll also find plenty of options for public transport, and there are plenty of great schools in the local area.

Learn more: Windsor’s suburb profile

Albion is the number 9 suburb on Brisbane's top ten list.

10. Grange


At number 10 on the list, Grange offer an abundance of tree cover and open space. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a wonderful place to bring up a family and ideal for professionals who are looking for a quiet oasis while still being close to the action. There are plenty of cafes to choose from, all within walking distance.

Learn more: Grange’s suburb profile

Grange - number 10 on Brisbane's list of top suburbs.

11. Auchenflower


Auchenflower is one of Brisbane’s most popular suburbs for many reasons. It offers great options for public transport, with Auchenflower station only three stops away from Central station. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants within walking distance, and sports fans will love the easy access to Suncorp Stadium.

Learn more: Auchenflower’s suburb profile

Auchenflower - Brisbane's 11th best suburb

12. Sandgate


If you’re looking for a coastal lifestyle, then Sandgate should be at the top of your list. Domain ranked Sandgate highly for walkability and plenty of open space for residents to enjoy. It also rates well for education options. Interestingly enough, PWC didn’t agree and gave Sandgate a much lower rating than Domain. Still, it’s worth a look and one of your best choices if you’d like to live seaside.

Learn more: Sandgate’s suburb profile

Sandgate - Brisbane's 12th best suburb to live in.

13. Taringa


Moving back to the inner suburbs, Taringa, located in Brisbane’s inner south-west, has a nice suburban feel despite being only six kilometres away from the CBD. There are plenty of retail options nearby with Toowong and Indooroopilly shopping centres only a stone’s throw away. It also offers great access to public transport via both bus and train. Proximity to the University of Queensland and some great schools nearby also mean that Taringa ranks highly for education options.

Learn more: Taringa’s suburb profile

Taringa - Brisbane's 13th best suburb

14. Deagon


Number 14 on the list sees us heading back to the northern seaside. While, similar to Sandate, PWC doesn’t rank Deagon very highly (maybe they’ve got something against living near the sea?), residents love its culture and retail options along with a great selection of cafes, restaurants, and bars. It offers great transport options with a train station on the Shorncliffe line, big housing lots, and proximity to the ocean without the price tag of Sandgate or Shorncliffe.

Learn more: Deagon’s suburb profile

15. Mitchelton


A little further out from the CBD, Mitchelton ranks highly in no small part due to its excellent access to a variety of primary and secondary schools. Blackwood street offers a great selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes, and nearby Brookside shopping centre will cover most of your retail needs. It also has excellent public transport options thanks to Mitchelton train station and plenty of bus services.

Learn more: Mitchelton’s suburb profile

16. Toowong


Scoring an amazing 10/10 from PWC’s CityPulse study for Liveability, Toowong seems to have it all – proximity to the CBD, quiet suburban living, and the famous Toowong Village that hosts over 200 different cafes and retail options. If you work in the city, you have plenty of options for commuting, either by taking the bus, the city cat, the train, or even riding along the riverside bikeway.

Learn more: Toowong’s suburb profile

17. Petrie Terrace


While Petrie Terrace was too small to make it into the CityPulse study, this little suburb punches well above its weight. It scored six top 10 rankings in the Domain study, with high scores for culture, cafes and retail, as well as easy access to employment options and high walkability. It’s a short walk to Suncorp Stadium if you’re into sports, and Roma Street Parklands offers endless open space and greenery.

18. Nundah


Nundah has been one of Brisbane’s hottest suburbs in recent times, and for good reason. It has a thriving cafe and retail precinct, excellent options for public transport and high walkability – all within a 15-minute dive of the city. It’s also a great option for frequent flyers with Brisbane airport just a short 5-minute drive away.

Learn more: Nundah’s suburb profile

19. South Brisbane


The only southern suburb to make it into Domain’s top 20, South Brisbane scored an amazing 10/10 for Play in the CityPulse study. It’s highly walkable, and the South Bank precinct nearby offers an extensive array of culture, retail, and cafes. It also scores very highly for education and employment options.

Learn more: South Brisbane’s suburb profile

20. Spring Hill


Rounding out the top 20 most liveable suburbs is Spring Hill, located two kilometres from the CBD. It scores highly for education and walkability, with many options for cafes, culture, and retail. Bordered on its West by Roma Street Parkland, and on its North by Victoria Park, you have plenty of options for green space. Close proximity to both Fortitude Valley and the city means that you’ll have an easy commute, and lots to keep you entertained after work.

Learn more: Spring Hill’s suburb profile

2. Breakdown of Best Suburbs to Live in Brisbane

When it comes to the best suburbs in Brisbane, it’s safe to say the competition is fierce. 

We’ve broken this section into Brisbane’s best suburbs for:

  • Nightlife
  • Families
  • Coastal Living
  • Walkability

Best suburbs in Brisbane for nightlife

If you’re looking to be close to the action, we recommend taking a look at suburbs close to the city centre. While you may have to compromise a little on the liveability, these suburbs offer a great opportunity to take advantage of the Brisbane nightlife. Here are the top 10 suburbs:

  1. South Brisbane
  2. Wooloongabba
  3. Kelvin Grove
  4. Herston
  5. Brisbane City
  6. Fortitude Valley
  7. Kangaroo Point
  8. Spring Hill
  9. Paddington
  10. Milton

Best suburbs in Brisbane for families

For those who are looking to start a family – or already have one – here’s a list of suburbs that are our top picks. These suburbs offer plenty of options for education, amenities, parks and playgrounds so your children can enjoy their childhood as much as possible:

  1. Alderley
  2. Chermside West
  3. Wilston
  4. Kalinga
  5. Corinda
  6. Carina Heights
  7. Grange
  8. Ascot
  9. Newmarket
  10. Kelvin Grove

Best suburbs in Brisbane for coastal living

Looking for a sea change? Keen on water sports or fishing? Or maybe you just enjoy a nice sandy walk along the beach. Either way, you don’t necessarily need to move to the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast (or even further) to access that coastal lifestyle. Here’s our top 10 list of suburbs to take a look at:

  1. Brighton
  2. Sandgate
  3. Manly
  4. Birkdale
  5. Wynnum
  6. Lota
  7. Deagon
  8. Thorneside
  9. Cleveland
  10. Shorncliffe

Brisbane’s most walkable suburbs

If you’re the kind of person who would rather walk to the shops or restaurant rather than jump in a car, then walkability is a key metric that will define whether you enjoy living in your home.

The Domain Healthy Brisbane study, authored by Deloitte Access Economics and Tract Consultants, compared walkability across Brisbane’s suburbs.

Here are the suburbs that they found to be the most walkable in Brisbane. Click on any of the links below for more info:

  1. Brisbane City
  2. West End
  3. South Brisbane
  4. Fortitude Valley
  5. Milton
  6. New Farm
  7. Chermside
  8. Kelvin Grove
  9. Paddington
  10. Wooloongabba
  11. Annerley
Best suburbs to buy in brisbane

3. Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane

The Brisbane property market has seen a surge in interest recently, thanks to its success in securing the 2032 Olympics and strong capital growth over the last couple of years.

While the real estate market in some other parts of Australia is showing signs of slowing down, Brisbane real estate prices are expected to continue to grow, with the average property price likely to deliver double-digit capital growth over the next 12 months.

A strong demand for detached houses and high levels of migration to the Sunshine State from other parts of Australia makes Brisbane a great choice for any savvy property investor.

In particular, there are a few areas around Brisbane that are worth taking a closer look at. 

These areas are:

  • The Redcliffe Peninsula
  • Ipswich City
  • Brisbane’s Inner South (The Olympic Precinct)
  • Logan City
  • The North-East Precinct

 We’ll take a look at each of these 5 areas in more detail in the next section.

Breakdown of best suburbs to invest in Brisbane

Redcliffe Peninsula

There are a few key forces that make Redcliffe an enticing opportunity for property investors:

  • The opening of the new train line to Kippa-Ring in 2016
  • Extensive gentrification over the last decade
  • Homebuyers looking for an affordable lifestyle
  • Significant investment in infrastructure and property developments

In the past 12 months, property sales have increased dramatically, and most suburbs across the peninsula have seen double-digit price growth. Despite this growth, the Redcliffe Peninsula remains one of Brisbane’s most affordable regions. Five suburbs in the area have median house prices at or below $550,000 making it a great choice for first home buyers.

Median rental yield in the area ranges from 3.4% to 4.3% for houses, and 3.7% to 5.9% for units.

Combined with 1-year growth of up to 24%, these suburbs are an attractive prospect to invest in:

  • Clontarf
  • Kippa-Ring
  • Margate
  • Newport
  • Redcliffe
  • Scarborough
  • Woody Point

Ipswich City

The suburbs of Ipswich City are attractive investment opportunities for several reasons:

  • Strong economy and employment opportunities
  • Accessibility and affordability
  • Rapid population growth
  • Recent redevelopment of RAAF Base Amberley

Ipswich is one of the fastest-growing regions in South East Queensland and this has fuelled strong price growth in the area. In the past year, Augustine Heights, Collingwood Park, Goodna, North Ipswich, Raceview, Silkstone, Springfield and Yamanto have all recorded double-digit growth in their median house prices.

Rental yields are also strong across many Ipswich City suburbs, producing median yields in the range of 4.5% to 6%.

Things are looking bright for Ipswich’s future prospects, with major investment and developments from both government and private enterprise.

While all of Ipswich City’s suburbs are worth a look, the Redbank precinct deserves special attention. These suburbs offer good opportunities for both capital growth and rental yield:

  • Redbank
  • Redbank Plains
  • Collingwood Park
  • Goodna
  • Bellbird Park

Brisbane’s Inner South (The Olympic Precinct)

Brisbane’s Inner South precinct is well-positioned for significant growth over the next few years, and here’s why:

  • Major infrastructure projects related to the 2032 Olympics
  • The multi-billion dollar Australia TradeCoast economic development
  • A new mega-cruise ship terminal
  • Strong population growth.

Historically, this precinct has underperformed other areas in Brisbane, but that’s all set to change in the coming years. Aside from the projects mentioned above, the suburbs in this area will also benefit from public transport upgrades thanks to the Cross River Rail and the Brisbane Metro.

Take a look at the following suburbs:

  • Annerley
  • East Brisbane
  • Fairfield
  • Greenslopes
  • Woolloongabba
  • Highgate Hill

Logan City

Mid-way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Logan City is attractive to both homebuyers and investors thanks to a great location, excellent infrastructure and attractive affordability. 

There is plenty of infrastructure investment in the area, with the $1.5 billion Coomera Connector, $460 million Logan Hospital upgrade, and $1.5 billion Crestmead Logistics Park just a few examples of the improvements being planned in the area.

While it has seen a lot of capital growth over the past 12 months, there are some great options for investors on a budget. 

Take a look at the following suburbs:

  • Beenleigh
  • Daisy Hill
  • Shailer Park
  • Eagleby
  • Kingston
  • Woodridge
  • Slack Creek
  • Mt. Warren Park

North-East Precinct

Located within a band 8-18km north-east of the Brisbane CBD, the suburbs in the North-East Precinct are set to perform strongly over the coming months.

With good transport links, low unemployment, and low vacancies, this is a very appealing market for investors. The suburbs in this area are also benefiting from some large-scale infrastructure improvements, including the $5 billion Northshore precinct, $2.1 billion in upgrades to the Gateway Motorway, and the $5 billion Cross River Rail.

Take a look at the following suburbs:

  • Banyo
  • Boondall
  • Geebung
  • Kedron
  • Northgate
  • Nudgee
  • Nundah
  • Virginia
  • Wavell Heights
  • Zillmere

4. Brisbane’s Most Expensive Suburbs

It wouldn’t be a list of Brisbane’s best suburbs without forgetting about the most expensive ones!

Last year, Brisbane experienced a once-in-a-generation property boom that resulted in almost 400 suburbs in the Greater Brisbane Area joining the million-dollar club. Here are the current top-10 suburbs for those with deep pockets:

SuburbMedian Price
Teneriffe$2.74 million
New Farm$2.15 million
Ascot$1.97 million
Chandler$1.78 million
Hawthorne$1.77 million
Fig Tree Pocket$1.75 million
Pullenvale$1.65 million
Hamilton$1.55 million
St. Lucia$1.55 million
Bulimba$1.54 million

5. Top Suburbs for First Home Buyers in Brisbane

While the property market in Brisbane has seen prices skyrocket over the past few years, there are still plenty affordable options if you know where to look. You’ll have to look a little further out from Brisbane city, but these suburbs offer a great opportunity to buy your first home on a budget.

We’ve split these options for you into three areas based on their geographic location:

  • North of Brisbane
  • South of Brisbane
  • West of Brisbane

Suburbs with a median house price under $500,000 North of Brisbane:

Take a look at these suburbs:

SuburbMedian price
Deception Bay$481,000

Suburbs with a median house price under $500,000 South of Brisbane:

SuburbMedian price
Boronia Heights$440,000
Brown Plains$461,500
Slacks Creek$435,000
Logan Central$360,000
Logan Reserve$462,000
Waterford West$425,000
Edens Landing$472,000
Mount Warren Park$490,000

Suburbs with a median house price under $500,000 West of Brisbane:

SuburbMedian price
Ellen Grove$492,500
Ebbw Vale$312,500
North Booval$323,000
Moores Pocket$283,000
East Ipswich$360,000
Eastern Heights$375,000
Flinders View$420,000
Deebing Heights$459,000
One Mile$320,000
West Ipswich$338,000
Sadliers Crossing$410,000
North Ipswich$370,000

6. Brisbane Olympic Infrastructure Projects that will redefine our suburbs and regions.

The upcoming Olympics in Brisbane will benefit not only the redeveloped Gabba and Brisbane Live Arena but also 16 other projects across the suburbs and regions of Queensland. These projects aim to promote community development and ensure widespread benefits beyond inner-city Brisbane. With collaboration between all levels of government, significant funding has been allocated to these venues, emphasizing the importance of strategic location selection. While some details are yet to be revealed, these projects will play a vital role during and after the 2032 Games.

Breakfast Creek Indoor Sports Centre

A mockup of the Brisbane indoor sports centre

The Queensland government has proposed the construction of a significant indoor stadium in Albion, which will serve as a landmark venue for the 2032 Olympics.

The stadium will include twelve newly built courts to host basketball and wheelchair basketball events, accommodating up to 12,000 spectators with additional temporary seating.

Situated within a 29-hectare sports precinct around Crosby Park, the facility will also feature facilities for goalball, netball, volleyball, badminton, and a para-athlete training gym.

The project, jointly funded by the state and federal governments, is scheduled to commence construction in 2026 and be completed by 2028, with the cost yet to be determined.

Chandler Indoor Sports Centre

Example of what the Chandler indoor sports centre could look like.

The Chandler Indoor Sports Centre, located at Sleeman Sports Complex and originally built for the 1982 Commonwealth Games, is set for long-overdue redevelopment. The venue will be demolished and reconstructed to accommodate gymnastics and Paralympic wheelchair basketball, with a seating capacity of 10,000, expandable for the events. Although specific timelines and costs are currently uncertain, it is known that the state-of-the-art 12-court facility will be designed to serve as a community sports hub beyond the 2032 Games.

Anna Meares Velodrome and BMX Track

The Anna Meares Velodrome and BMX track, named after the Australian cycling champion, is another significant venue for the 2032 Olympics. The velodrome, built for the games, will host track cycling events, while the adjacent BMX track will be used for BMX racing. The facility is designed to accommodate a large number of spectators, although specific details about capacity and construction timelines are currently unavailable. The velodrome and BMX track will leave a lasting legacy for the community, providing opportunities for cycling and sporting activities beyond the 2032 Games.


Brisbane International Shooting Centre

Brisbane international shooting centre - aerial view

The Brisbane International Shooting Centre, located in Belmont and serving as Brisbane’s shooting hub since 1968, underwent upgrades in 2017 to accommodate the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. As expected, the facility has been selected to host Olympic and Paralympic shooting events. With the upgraded venue, it will have a capacity of over 2,000 spectators once temporary seating is added. While it falls under the minor venues program, further details about the facility and its post-Olympics usage are yet to be disclosed.

Queensland Tennis Centre

View from the stadium at Queensland tennis centre

Eleven courts at the Queensland Tennis Centre, including the renowned Pat Rafter Arena with a seating capacity of 5,500, have been designated for use during the Olympics. However, Tennis Australia is still awaiting details regarding the extent and funding allocation for necessary renovations or improvements. The Tennyson facility is among the projects to be financed from the federal government’s designated cash pool for Olympic-related initiatives.

Redlands Whitewater Centre

Mockup of the Redlands whitewater centre

The Redland City Council has made an official commitment to host the canoe slalom event in a newly constructed facility. The preferred location for the Redland Whitewater Centre is on Old Cleveland Road East, forming part of the proposed Birkdale Community Precinct. The 62-hectare site will include a public lagoon in close proximity to the Whitewater centre, which will serve as a venue for competitions, recreation, and training. Mayor Karen Williams envisions the precinct as a “South Bank-style water park and lagoon.” The Whitewater centre itself will have a seating capacity of 8,000, with a combination of permanent and temporary grandstands. Additionally, the facility is expected to be utilized by emergency and swift water rescue teams for training purposes following the conclusion of the Games.

Wyaralong Flatwater Centre & Precinct

Wyaralong Flatwater Centre - Aerial View

The Wyaralong Flatwater Centre, situated at Wyaralong Dam in Allenview, will serve as the venue for Olympic rowing events. Unlike the Redland facility, the Wyaralong Centre requires renovations rather than being built from scratch. Although the project has been designated for funding through Brisbane 2032, details regarding the extent of the renovations and the allocation of costs are currently limited.

Sunshine Coast Stadium

Sunshine Coast stadium upgrades

The Sunshine Coast Stadium has long been slated for an upgrade, which will involve expanding its capacity to approximately 16,000 spectators. This expansion plan includes the addition of over 10,500 fixed seats across two grandstands, with the potential for temporary seats to increase capacity to 20,000. Construction for the upgrade is scheduled to commence in 2024. The enhanced stadium has been designated as a venue for Olympic football matches in the preliminary stage and quarter-finals. The local council anticipates that the transformed stadium will create around 300 jobs during the construction phase and over 200 jobs afterward. Additionally, the stadium upgrade will position the region to host more significant events both before and after the Olympics.

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre

Moreton Bay indoor sports centre

The Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre, envisioned as a community sports hub, will consist of nine courts with a seating capacity of 7,000, primarily built to host Olympic boxing events. The proposed location for this facility is the Mill site, formerly known as the Petrie Paper Mill, which was acquired by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015. The site has been designated as a priority development area since 2016, expediting the development process, and currently houses the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Moreton Bay campus. Although the designs and costs are yet to be finalized, Mayor Peter Flannery has expressed the council’s intention to explore additional uses for the centre beyond its initial purpose.

Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre

The Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre is scheduled to be constructed in Kawana as part of the Sunshine Coast Sports Precinct. The previous potential location in Maroochydore has been disregarded. The stadium, comprising 11 courts, is expected to be completed by 2027, although the total cost has not been disclosed yet. More details will be available once the final designs are confirmed. The facility will have a capacity for 6,000 spectators, with temporary seating arranged for Olympic basketball preliminary matches. Additionally, the size of the venue is anticipated to enable the region to host larger-scale indoor sports events even prior to 2032.

Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Centre

Trail at the sunshine coast mountain bike centre

The Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Centre will be developed as a nature-based recreational area, utilizing the existing mountain bike trails within the Parklands Conservation Park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. With over 30 kilometers of trails traversing dense forest areas, the parklands can be accessed through Atkinson Road West at Bli Bli and Radar Hill Road at Kulangoor. The allocated funds are intended to cater to the increasing demand from both the local community and tourists. This investment will also facilitate the hosting of mountain bike events during the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Bonus: How to find the right suburb for you

We looked at a good mix of a few of Brisbane’s most popular suburbs, and a few little-known ones to research a few Brisbane suburbs based on your goals.

I want a suburb that’s walkable

If you want walkable, look no further than the city and surrounds, with the Fortitude Valley being a trendsetter’s delight. Almost 50% of the residents here are young and independent, giving this inner-city area undisputed cool cachet and excellent bars and nightlife. ‘The Valley’ as it’s known is the entertainment precinct famous for great food, live music, clubs and its bustling China Town. 

Have a look at Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills and Newstead.

brisbane cbd mortgage broker

It’s easy to walk to Brisbane’s CBD from The Valley, Bowen Hills and Newstead.


I’m a young professional

Home to Italian migrants in the fifties and an altogether rougher, grungier crowd in the 1980s, New Farm has gradually gentrified over the past 20 years. Young professionals love the area for its proximity to the city and cool sensibility, but a new wave of empty-nesters are selling their family homes and moving here to enjoy the low-maintenance lifestyle offered by New Farm’s apartments and converted lofts in Teneriffe.

Have a look at New Farm and Teneriffe.

family homes morningside

Looking for a family home? Try Morningside or Cannon Hill.


I’m looking for something Family Friendly

Mainly established couples and families, Cannon Hill is like a country town just outside the city. A lovely, friendly community vibe pervades the air here, and it’s close to the CBD, airport, shops, schools and lovely bush walks. Convenience and a peaceful vibe make Cannon Hill popular with commuters. Recent construction at The East Village and the newly-renovated Carindale Shopping Centre have only added benefit for local residents. Another area close to the city with great transport and motorway links, Morningside is only 5 kilometres from Brisbane and within easy access to shopping in the CBD, New Farm, Carindale and Woolloongabba.

Have a look at Morningside and Cannon Hill.


There are lots of leafy suburbs like Morningside and Cannon Hill just across the bridge.


I’d love to be on the water.

Far enough from the city to feel like another town but close enough to commute every day, these bayside suburbs are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane CBD and are mostly populated by mature couples, families and retirees. Manly’s north-east facing aspect, village shopping centre, parkside esplanade and boat harbour provide the perfect setting for enjoying the good life near the water. It’s a clean and friendly village with most conveniences available and good local schools and daycare centres, and homes are a variety of old and new, with many ‘Queenslanders’ in good condition or ripe for renovation.

Have a look at Birkdale, Manly, Wynnum & Lota.

We want some room to move.

Only 12.5km from the city, Aspley is a well-established suburb with good access to local shops such as the Hypermarket and Chermside Shopping Centre, as well as decent schools, transport and medical facilities. Mostly populated by older couples and mature families, it’s a residential suburb with some professionals who commute to the city. Bracken Ridge has changed a lot in the past decade, with many shops and homes being renovated and a wider variety of people moving in.

Have a look at Aspley, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge and Chermside.

brisbane housing

Need room to move? Have a look at Aspley, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge and Chermside.


What about starter homes

Formerly down-at-heel, times have changed for Annerley ‘ only 5 kilometres from the city, its mix of colonial homes and apartments makes it a magnet for professionals and families, and the air rings with the industrious sound of renovation. Multicultural and safe, it has a neighbourly atmosphere and offers lifestyle and convenience with suburban charm. A central hub for transport and shopping, the suburb offers both buses and trains in and out of the CBD, easy access to the M3 and is within close proximity to Woolworths.

Have a look at Annerley, Buranda and Moorooka as well as Fairfield Gardens and Stones Corner.

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Annerley and Buranda are a short drive across the Story Bridge to Brisbane’s city.

Depending on what type of home you are looking for the suburb has the biggest impact. Anything with a train line is always going to be in higher demand when you go to sell later on (investors from down south seem to love trains). If buying a unit try and pick up something on the ground floor, courtyards make a huge difference to livability of your outside area.

Adam Stefan, Real Estate Agent Brisbane.

Bonus #2: Brisbane’s safest and most dangerous suburbs

Safety and security is often near the top of homebuyers’ lists when it comes to finding a place to buy. Overall crime rates, including burglary, are relatively low in Brisbane. But as with any major city, there are safe spots and dangerous spots. Based on data collected by police over the past 10 years, here are Brisbane’s safest and most dangerous suburbs:

Brisbane’s safest suburbs

When it comes to overall crime rates, the Western side of Brisbane appears to be the safest. People in these suburbs are usually safe to be walking the streets morning, noon, and night. These neighbourhoods are also quite friendly, with residents keeping an eye out for each other.

Crime rates have been relatively low over the past 10 years in:

  • Kenmore Hills
  • Brookfield
  • Auchenflower
  • Toowong

And if you’re looking for somewhere that’s safe from break-ins, then these suburbs should be on your list. The following suburbs have the lowest reported rate of unauthorised entry:

  • Dayboro
  • The Gap
  • Cleveland
  • Ferny Grove
  • Redland Bay

Brisbane’s most dangerous suburbs

On the darker side of things, here are some of Brisbane’s most dangerous suburbs. Firstly, in terms of overall crime rates, these are the suburbs where you might want to exercise some caution:

  • Bowen Hills
  • Newstead
  • Herston
  • Mayne
  • Fortitude Valley

Suburbs with nightlife precincts, transport hubs, and high volumes of tourists often have higher than average levels of crime. That doesn’t mean that these suburbs are unsafe, but you may want to be careful walking the streets at night.

In term’s of break-ins, the majority of these crimes appear to occur south of the river. The five areas with the highest reported number of break-ins are:

  • Dunwich
  • Dutton Park
  • Moorooka
  • Acacia Ridge
  • Inala

So if you buy a home in any of these suburbs, you may want to invest a little extra in preventative security measures to keep your family and possessions safe.

Bonus #3: Flood Insurance Requirements

Brisbane was built on a floodplain, so most of its neighbourhoods are prone to flooding. In 2022 Queensland was hit with more rainfall than the devastating flood of 1974.

 Needless to say, flood insurance is a must if you decide to buy in some suburbs. Your lender will require you to have home and contents insurance, specifically to be covered for flooding. If you don’t have the right flood insurance, you risk having your home loan declined.

Some insurance providers offer the following flood insurance coverage:

  • Overland flow caused by high rainfall, and nearby rivers
  • Flooding caused by overflowing rivers and dams
  • Sea level flooding caused by storms

The biggest difference between insurance providers is how they define storm and water damage, so chat with them about what policy best suits you.

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