Ultimate Hack: How to Get FREE RP Data Reports

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I am so thrilled to share with you the ultimate hack to getting FREE RP Data reports.

This hack is going to allow you to get quick information on your properties previous sale prices and a total property report, on any property.

Instead of paying $40, with this hack you’ll pay nothing.

I repeat… NOTHING!

free rp data property report

The reports give an estimated value and full property details with recent other property sales in the area and suburbs statistics to help you gain insight towards average sale prices in the area.

If you jump onto CoreLogic RP Data you can see that under Property Reports, the standard cost is $40. Don’t pay $40 for a report, when you could instead spend it on dinner somewhere delicious!

Now one thing I’ve got to mention is that this free report is much briefer than the information that RP Data gives (i.e. RP Data will provide you with 18 recent sales in the area, this report will give you 3 to 4). However, it’s still super useful and up to date with the most recent information.


Option 1: Get an RP Data Report Free

If you’d like a full RP Data report for the FREE request it from Hunter Galloway at no cost.

This service is now only available for Home Loan customers of Hunter Galloway, if you would like to discuss your home loan options get in touch with our mortgage brokers for a free assessment.

Here is an example of the Free Property report we can give you. This has more detail than the general version available in Option 2.

Now it’s time to get ready and grab your phone (Apple or Android, we’re not biased here) and we’re going to go step by step through exactly what you need to do to get your free property report.


Option 2: Use the Free RP Data App

Ok so option number 2 is using the BOQ Property app, let’s go through the steps now!


Step 1: Go to the App Store and search for BOQ Properties

Open the App Store or Google PlayStore and search for BOQ Properties. The app is by Bank of Queensland.

Now hit download.

BOQ Report - Download

You’ll be able to find the BOQ Property App in the App Store.


Step 2: Click on Find a Property

It’s that simple! But if you can’t find this, click on the top left-hand corner and you’ll get all of the app options.

BOQ Property App

Start by clicking ‘find a property’ once you have downloaded the BOQ Property App.


Step 3: Type in Property Address

Once you’ve clicked on this, all you need to do is type in your property address. Suggestions will come up underneath and choose the one in the correct suburb.

property report

Type in the properties full address, or the suburb information.

Now you can flick through the photos, see how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and read about the necessary details of the property.


Step 4: Email report

It’s time to get your full property report, click in the bottom right-hand corner on EMAIL REPORT for your full property report about this particular address.

BOQ property report

Woo you have your property! Next step is to get it emailed to you to review.


Step 5: Fill in your details

Next, the app will ask you if you’re a BOQ customer, which you don’t need to be.

I ticked ‘NO’ to every single question (i.e. do you want newsletters, do you want to be contacted) and went straight ahead to get my free download sent directly to my email.

property report

BOQ report3


Step 6: Get your report (check spam)

I waited about 15 minutes and entered my email three times only to realise that my report was waiting for me, in my spam folder! Once you’ve received it via email, you’ll be able to download your pdf which about your specific property.

You can see that it’s got an auto valuation estimated range, images of the property from above, and all details of the property.

You can also see data about three other properties in the area to give you an idea about the price of yours.

free property report

This is what the free property report looks like, as you can see it has less information than the free valuation we can provide but still does the job.

Now you can see that down the bottom of the first page, the document is endorsed by CoreLogic (RP Data) therefore this information is coming straight out of its system, pretty cool!

paddington-property-report2But what I love even more is that it gives you suburb statistics too. You can see Paddington, QLD’s suburb statistics below.


It’s that easy.

You can access the report straight from your phone, or open it on your PC. However, you like.

Cheers Bank of Queensland for the free property report!

And of course, if you’re serious about buying a property, reach out to us for your free RP Data report, waive that $40 and spend it on something you like!


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