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Get the power connected & mail redirected

Moving costs might seem like an obvious one, but have you thought about getting the power connected and mail redirected?

Houses don’t have power connected unless someone is paying the bills…

And I’ve moved into houses without power, and had to wait 2 days to get it connected… 🌃

house with no power connected at settlement

No power and no internet makes for no fun in your new home!

It’s pretty hard to keep the housewarming beers cold without any power… It was NOT fun

So remember to plan ahead, and shop around to see what deals you can get on your power.

With the increase in competition in the energy market in Brisbane, I have found you can get any connection costs waived provided you sign up for a 12-month contract. Phone around and see what you can do, but companies like Origin make this pretty easy when moving into a new home.

Redirecting your mail is pretty easy too, Australia post has details but a word of warning – it takes them 3 days to set up the redirection.

mail redirection at settlement of new home

Just make sure you are organised to not lose any mail in the post!

So try to do this before settlement!