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Hunter Galloway’s mission is customer focused. We want to build strong, personal relationships with every one of our clients. It is beyond home loans and about a long-term positive customer experience from start to finish. Our team of finance brokers in Brisbane are here to assist you on a personal level so that you don’t get lost within our organisation – unlike many bigger finance organisations.

Our goal is to educate our clients so that they are completely knowledgeable about the mortgage process, ensuring our services are 100% tailored to each personal circumstance and offering a holistic approach. Due to this strong focus on the customer, Hunter Galloway has grown organically from customer referrals. Whilst we are a Brisbane based finance company; our services are not limited by geography and are offered Australia-wide. This means that Australian expats or temporary residents who need finance assistance can benefit from our services too.


Some of the benefits of our services include:


  • Loan experts – Finance brokers, Brisbane

Whether you have bad credit or a complex financial situation we are focused on finding the best solution for you and can ensure that you are set up with the correct lender. Unlike many big banks, whose focus is on sales, we are focused on service and ensuring that a lenders policy is completely transparent, so that you can be aware of any potential problems.


  • Personal, one-on-one portfolio management

Hunter Galloway look at your personal property portfolio and focus on consolidating debt. We provide financial advice and present you with the best possible interest rates at the time of consultation.


  • Compare the best interest rates for you

We have a portfolio of lenders and aren’t locked in with just one bank, which means that we can cross check interest rates and make sure you get the best deal. We also provide you with a free credit file so that you have a clearer understanding of where you stand.


  • Our outstanding reputation

We started small and are continually growing, thanks to our amazing customer referrals. In two years, Hunter Galloway started as a mobile mortgage broker now turning into a team of three with an office located in Kelvin Grove. Passion is what has driven us and allowed us to grow so quickly thanks to raving reviews from our incredible clients!


  • A holistic approach

We understand that mortgages and investment can be overwhelming and confusing, however we simplify it for you and ensure that you understand everything in the process. We review your current situation and provide a complete solution, educating you in the process.


  • Mobile team

We can bring our services to you! We understand that you’re busy working and with day-to-day life, so we bring our finance services to you during, or outside of business hours so we can start as soon as possible sorting out your financial requirements.


Work with the best mortgage brokers in Brisbane!

If you’re looking for an award-winning mortgage broker in Brisbane, Hunter Galloway will assist and show you exactly why you can trust and invest your time with us. It’s beyond finance and about taking a personal approach. Your mortgage is a lifelong commitment, so make sure your mortgage broker reflects this commitment too.

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