8 Ways to Maximise a Small Space

It does not matter if you are living in a small apartment or a house, you can still find out ways to maximise a small space. There are a number of ways you can design a small room or a studio apartment with little space and decorate it. The following are some of the ways to maximise the capacity of a small space and make it your own, yet still elegant and stylish.

1. Identify the Zones

The first thing you need to do is figure out the different zones of the house. Think about all the possible activities you will be doing in each space, such as eating, sleeping, working, etc., and then assign separate zones to them.

From here choose your feature walls, to highlight with either curtains or a painting or wall murals, which bring elegance and beauty. You can also fill a space with a unique and stylish table or a chair.

It is also important to use the right contrast of colours for your walls and accessories as it also helps in defining different zones. Choose your colour palate right from the start so that when you go out and purchase different interior items, you know it will all be cohesive.


2. Choose Multifunctional Pieces

You can find a range of innovative furniture, which is also multi-purposed and particularly great for small spaces.

For example, you can buy a table that can serve as a dining table and can also be used as a desk. Or, you can buy a sofa that can be converted into a bed. These pieces provide you with bonus seating minimising space required and maximising usage.


3. Create More Space

You can also make your place look bigger by filling it with transparent furniture or reflective glass. Choose your furniture wisely and use light colours on your walls to make the area look bigger. It is very important to place all the pieces strategically. I always look at Pinterest for ideas on how to arrange furniture.


4. Choose Your Accessories Carefully

One of the most crucial things in maximising a small place is to choose your furniture wisely. For example, instead of using a big square centre table, use two or three small tables to place your coffee; either round or square. You can move them around easily and they will not occupy so much space.


5. Occupy the Space with Fewer Pieces

Buy fewer things because emptiness creates a minimalist feel along with making the area seem more spacious. For example, instead of buying two small beds for the spare room, buy a double bed to fill the space. It will give you more space to move around and make the room look bigger.


5. Visually Creative

The room should look visually creative, but the base colours need to be set. For example, if you want to decorate a small area and make it look bigger, use light coloured accessories with fine textures and patterns. This will bring visual continuity and provide calm ambience.


6. Customise Your Storage Facility

There are a number of ways you can customise your storage facilities. Instead of having a dressing table in your room, simply hang a mirror on the wall then install a couple of shelves in your wardrobe, instead of using the space with a dressing table. This will give you more space and make the area look bigger.


7. Think Smart

Creativity is important if you want to maximise a small space. Use the space between the room’s ceiling and the top of your wardrobe by hanging items and storing books in there. By doing that, you can get rid of the book cabinets and create more space.

Also, consider adding hook screws to the roof and hang things off them, which can also be used for decorative purposes.


8. Sight Lines

Connect adjacent spaces and replace the walls with glass doors or bigger windows. Use the hanging pots with plants on the outer side of the window or glass door to create a good ambience.


There are a number of ways you can maximise the space in your apartment or room. All you need to do is to think creatively, carry out thorough research, and spend your money wisely.