Tips to Secure Your Rental Application

The rental market in Australia can be very competitive depending on the area you want to live in. Therefore you may face complications when trying to secure a lease. We’ve compiled some tips so that you can go in with the best chance of securing your desired rental property.


Get Your Paperwork Ready

Rental properties are high in demand, so in order to meet this challenge, have your required paperwork ready to go. Create a list of documents that you will need to submit along with the application in advance and share it with those who are applying with you.

As an idea, required documents include:

  • 2 – 4 weeks of pay slips
  • Identification
  • As many references as possible – having a high number of references increases your chance of securing a rental property.

Obtain a Positive Reference

If you have a positive reference from your previous landlord, it can be beneficial to help you secure the deal quickly. You can either create a reference yourself and send it to your landlord for his or her signature or ask them to write a couple of sentences about you themselves.

If you are renting for the first time, alternative options include asking your current employer to provide you with a reference. You can also get a reference off your family or friends, who would eventually be liable to make the rent payment in case you fail to meet your obligation.


Make the First Impression Count

The first impression is always long lasting. Whenever you plan to rent a property, visit it with one of your mates for inspection. Be there on time and make a good first impression as this will make it easier for an agent to choose you over other candidates. This allows you to get the attention of the agent without pressuring them to choose you.


Make an Offer

Another important aspect of securing the rental property is to make an offer. The competition is very tough in the Australian rental market. You can only get a rental discount if there is no one competing against you, but unfortunately there will be no discount if you are about to face a tough competition ahead.

No one wants to be a part of the bidding war. Not only is it a tiring process, but it also brings you under a lot of stress when you are out on the frontline. Therefore, if you want to secure your position and win a contract for rental apartment amidst all the competition, it is wise to make an offer. In fact, this will be a very useful strategy.

You can do the following to secure your offer:

  • Pay $5 or $10 extra every week in addition to the asking price
  • Make an advance payment of a certain portion of the rent
  • Sign up for a longer lease
  • Set up a direct debit facility

These tips will allow you to get a good deal quickly and with a lot less effort or hassle.


Follow up

Last but not the least, always follow up on your rental application. Call to follow up on your application to bring you front of mind for the agent and show them your interest.

After the first meeting, wait for a period of at least 2 days before making the first follow up call. The time period can vary, but it is better to call them after 48 hours, because you don’t want to hassle them. Show the agent that you are interested without sounding desperate. For example, you can call to inquire whether they have received the application or not, or you can ask them if they want any additional information.

If you follow these steps, your likelihood of securing a rental property will increase and you will be able to win the contract relatively quickly.

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