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Renovations Tips To Get Your Property Ready for Sale

Renovations Tips To Get Your Property Ready for Sale

It only makes sense to give your property a bit of a spruce up prior to putting it on the market. It’s important to keep in mind any improvements or touch ups should be targeted at increasing the market value of your property and enhancing the property appeal. Here are a few tips to avoid when renovating to sell:


It’s easy enough to get carried away when completing renovations, it’s wise to keep renovation costs below the value they add to your home. To best understand what’s going to add value to your property when preparing it for sale it’s worth speaking to your local agent to be sure you’ll recoup the money you’ve spent on improvements.

Board Appeal

Appeal to the wider market here, a hot pink feature wall isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Aim to keep all renovations as neutral as possible, this will the appeal of the property board and allow buyers to picture themselves living in your home.


No need to worry about renovating your home to absolute perfection. Surprisingly buyers like to be able to add their own little touch. So if you’re thinking about pulling out the kitchen or bathroom, it might make sense to talk to your listing agent about the pros and cons of a quick tidy up against a full blown renovation.


Those that have older homes should look to retain the character of the property as well as enhance any unique features. Being that an older home may require a professional touch from an architect, interior designer or paint specialist, the initial outlay may be high however the return on investment can reflect in a higher sale price.

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