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Bad Credit House Loan

Bad Credit Home Loans

What is bad credit and how do bad credit loans affect you?

Bad credit can be the result of a couple of small mistakes you might have made, without being aware that it would impact on your overall credit score. Hunter Galloway can help you with bad credit loans in Brisbane and Australia. Things like missing out a credit card payment or bill can affect your credit score. Also, if you currently have too many debts (also known as overcommitment) resulting in your total assets being lower than your total liabilities, this may lead to bad credit.
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There are different types of bad credit including:

  • Unpaid bills, mortgage errors or tax, missing council rates, missing payments on your mortgage, or submitting your tax bills late – these all can impact your overall credit. Whilst it is not always obvious, on some occasions, these issues can show up on supporting documentation that is required to be submitted.
  • Bad credit history, bankruptcy, company in financial trouble (liquidation), court writs or credit enquiries on your Veda Advantage credit file can overall negatively impact your credit history, making your application difficult too.

Understanding Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit home loans are generally only offered by specialist lenders. In this situation, they are required to take your current and past circumstances in to consideration. Here an alternative application strategy is looked at, as initially you most likely won’t fit the banks guidelines. To be approved for bad credit home loans you will need a more flexible approach and for your home loan application to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Bad Credit Loans Brisbane

Often the customers who apply for bad credit home loans have had an unfortunate circumstance arise such as being overseas and not making a payment on time. Specialist lenders recognise that consolidating debt is often the utmost priority and he aim is to give you a fair go at owning your own home.

If you have a bad credit file, speak to one of our specialists at Hunter Galloway about how you can qualify for a home loan. Through clear, transparent communication with your mortgage broker, this is the key to developing your property portfolio, moving towards a solution-based approach.

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