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Why Use a Conveyancer

Why Use a Conveyancer

Purchasing property is like jumping on an emotional rollercoaster, from searching for the dream home, finding the perfect home, making an offer to negotiation the purchase.

Most homebuyers focus on the sexy side of purchasing property however most don’t give much time or attention to things such as contracts and the legal transfer of the property.

It’s extremely common for most homebuyers to successfully negotiate the purchase and think ‘what’s next?’

This is the point in which every home buyer needs to have a conveyancer or solicitor ready. They take care of all the details related to the purchase, such as transfer of ownership and name on titles.

The conveyancer or solicitor will take care of the details, particularly around legal documents, transfers, searches and other information that may need to be addressed. They will also be responsible for managing the transfer of money when final payments are being made and calculating outstanding rates and taxes that are payable to settle the property.

There is no legal requirement to engage a conveyancer or solicitor to assist in these areas. As purchasing property is a stressful time it is a good idea to utilise their services to guide you through the complex legal aspects of buying.

It’s ideal to engage a conveyancer or a solicitor prior to signing any contracts, particularly as they may be able to pick up any unfavourable terms or conditions in the contract.

Before engaging a conveyancer, it is important to check that they are registered with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and you should be aware of the full fees and charges that are payable. Make sure you also understand the cost of any additional services.

While it may not be the most riveting task associated with buying a home, taking the time to research and engage someone who provides trusted advice is one of the most important steps as it will give you the peace of mind that your interests are protected throughout the process.

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