Spring Spruce Up

Spring Spruce Up

Finally spring is here! With winter behind us, here are some cost effective ways to spruce up your home.


Whilst this might sounds simple, gutters clogged up with leafs not only prevent water flow they trap moister that can lead to damp/mildew or even potentially cause a first hazard. A quick clean out of your gutters can prevent this, it can also help to add mesh to repel leaves.


Give your windows a thorough clean, allowing the warmth and natural light into your home. Cleaning your windows allows you to check for any cracks. It’s also not a bad idea to pack away those heavy drapes and add some light curtains to brighten the interior.

Trees and shrubs

Unfortunately some plans may not have survived the winter, others might be bursting out into bloom ready for spring. Remove any dead plans and look to trim trees that have overgrown. Any vines or shrubs close to the house can attract unwanted pests, so be sure to trim these also. It can also be a great time to spruce up the garden with new plants.

Clean Air

Cleaning ceiling fans and changing air conditioner filters will result in cleaner air as well as appliance running more efficiently which will potentially save on energy costs. Give fly screens a thorough scrub as they too can accumulate dirt and grime.

Drip Free Home

Leaking faucets, blocked drains and dripping taps all have one thing in common – they’re a minor problem that can quickly become a major headache. Check behind your washing machine, under the kitchen sink or around the dishwasher and water heater for any signs of leaks. Dripping water doesn’t just mean higher water bills; it can create areas of damp, which over time can affect the structural integrity of your home as well as attracting pests like cockroaches. If there are leaks you can’t fix, call in a plumber.

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