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Property Share: How to buy a Home with a Friend

Property Share: How to buy a Home with a Friend

Have you have wanted to purchase a property with a friend? Ever had issues with borrowing capacity due to previous borrowings with a sibling? Property sharing gives you the flexibility to borrow with family/friend and split the cost of buying whilst retaining control of your individual finances.

Benefits of Property Share

·         Great way to get in to the property market and leverage your money with friends or family

·         Increase borrowing power compared with borrowing on your own

·         Afford the property you want rather than settling for a cheaper option

·         Cost effective as costs will be split and each borrow can decide how much they pay off the loan

·         Each borrower can utilise a range of features including redraw facilities, mortgage offset accounts and lines of credit.

How to apply for Property Share

·         Borrowers must show capacity to repay the loan and borrow in their name

·         You’ll guarantee each others’ loans

·         You’ll need to seek legal advice and sign a Property Share Declaration

For more details about Property Share, make an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers – Nathan Vecchio 0410 000 689.

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