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Low Doc Loan

Low Doc Home Mortgage LoanSpecifically designed for self-employed clients and small business owners. Low doc loans are available for those looking for standard variable home loans, fixed rate home loans, base variable rate home loans, line of credit home loans.


Why Choose Low Doc Home Loan?

When it comes to applying, you’ll need to fall into the following criteria and provide certain documentation including:

  • Your Business Activity Statements for the past 12 months, verified by the Australian Tax Office.
  • Confirm your income has been registered for GST (minimum of 12 months)
  • Self employed in the same industry for at least one year
  • Six months worth of statements for your business or personal account
  • For those borrowing over 60%, Lenders Mortgage Insurance will be set up.

You’ll need to also provide your ABN, registered business name and a signed borrowers income declaration.

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