Living Room Ideas: Interior Styling

The living room is the heart of the home, therefore, the way you choose to style the interior is so important. When a visitor first arrives, the living room sets the energy and atmosphere of your house or apartment. Even a simple piece can enhance the outlook of the room if it is properly placed and matches the interior.

Given below are some living room ideas on how to do decoration and what colours and textures to choose when designing it.



Before you think about decorating the living room and get overwhelmed with different design ideas, take a pause and get back to the basics of how you intend to use the space. Understanding the functional capacity of the lounge is very important because it influences the design and decorative choices.

  • If you want to make a massive change to the room, start by updating the couch or sofa, chairs, and tables.
  • The design and structure of your furniture define how you should decorate the surroundings. Plump and curvy shapes of sofas are trendy and high in popularity.
  • If you want to give your interior the modern touch, these pieces would be perfect to fill your space with.

In many households, the kitchen is next to the lounge. In order to create a partition between them, you can add a small bookshelf and use the space efficiently. You can also put indoor plants to divide the room and add life to it.


Colours and Textures

No matter what styling choice you make, it all comes down to the colours and textures combined. For example, in Australia, natural material is in fashion during the spring season. For example, you can buy a furniture made of cane. You can also use rugs made of cotton, silk or wool to give your lounge a natural and warm look.

Colour coordinating however, is a tricky thing to decide.

  • Richer and warmer colours make the space look smaller, however, colours like terracotta, denim blue, and emerald or deeper green colour add a nice contrast.
  • To make your lounge look modern and stylish, you can create a perfect blend of colours and decorations.
  • With warmer colours like different shades of timber or terracotta, you can use an ancient decorative piece, a jute rug or an artwork. Keep the new piece of furniture for a few days and experience it in different settings and lights. This will give you an idea as to what looks good and what doesn’t.


Try at Home Ideas

Do remember that designing a lounge is not an expensive activity nor is it time-consuming. You do not necessarily have to go for a major overhaul. Small changes in your existing style can also enhance the ambience of the room. You can also use ceramics that available in different designs as they are always in fashion.

If, however, you have a small living room, it can be a challenge to style it to create more space.

  • Keep neutral coloured flooring to make the room look more spacious.
  • Use soft/light colours on a wall and for furniture.
  • Use a mirror on the wall as it creates an illusion of more space.
  • Try to place it near windows as it will reflect the light and make the room look brighter.

You can create wall murals or can even get removable wallpaper to give the lounge a bold look. However, if the furniture is dull, you can go for brighter colours to create a good contrast.


In the end, the choice is yours. Just try to make the best use of the space and balance the mix of colours and decorations. If in doubt, refrain from using too much colour and pattern as this will be what changes the ambiance of the space