Forget what the property "experts" have to say.

What if you could find YOUR OWN property investment hot spot catered to your own unique strategy, needs, and financial situation?

What if you could stop worrying about whether the market is going to crash, or if the advice you are getting is legitimate, or just another spruiker with shady motivations?

What if you could find the next property market hot spot, before it’s on anyone else’s radar?


Hi, I'm Jayden Vecchio, a multiple property investor and a Director at Hunter Galloway, a Mortgage Broker in Brisbane.


1,400+ 5-Star Ratings on Google

I have helped over 1,000 aspiring property investors to purchase an investment property in Australia.

When I meet with my clients, we talk about their goals, their investment strategies, and their biggest frustrations with investing in property in Australia. 

Yeah, there’s the occasional nutjob (which I love):

But mostly, it’s everyday Australians looking to build wealth and get some passive income, so they can retire comfortably and escape the rat race. 

When I first started working with property investors, I never realised how open people would really be.

I’d walk into the meeting room with my client, and start chatting about what they are looking to achieve.  They’d start talking…

About their frustrations with the property market, how hard it is to know who to trust for the right information, and the feeling like they’re always one step behind the professional investors.

I’d give them my advice on how to start – do your own due diligence and narrow down your shortlist for investment to one or two promising suburbs. Once you’ve done that, the rest of the process is pretty straightforward.  

Some of them would smile and nod, but I could tell that they weren’t ready to take ownership of their property investment goals.

They’d tell me, “it’s not that easy”, or they’d have an excuse as to why this strategy wouldn’t work for them. I knew that I’d likely never see them again.

But others would sit up, pay attention, and they’d ask me for specifics:

“What’s the best way to do my own research?” 

“Where’s the best place to get property market data?”

“What kind of metrics should I be focusing on?”

And the questions wouldn’t stop there. After the meeting, they’d send me emails about potential suburbs and ask me for my thoughts.

They’d keep me posted on their progress as they worked through their process.

I knew that those people would eventually build the financial freedom that they had dreamed of.  Why?

Because in between meetings, I’d browse my emails. And on the same days that I’d have those meetings, I’d get thank-you emails from my clients, who’d casually mention that they used my advice to seek out and secure an investment property in an up-and-coming suburb.

One that wasn’t on the latest “top suburbs to invest in” piece from one of the dozens of investment blogs on the internet, but one that they’d found by doing their own due diligence. 

And within the space of 6 or 12 months, their property’s value had increased by 5 or 10% – and this is before the wild times that we saw in 2020-2022.

Not to mention, they were getting rental yields well above 5%. 

Hmm. Some people were complaining that they couldn’t get a leg up in the property market… while others were routinely outperforming the market – not just once, but multiple times. 

It was like I had a little window into the minds of aspiring investors. Investing in property is tough – but some people seemed to achieve success despite their challenges.

So I became obsessed with studying what makes the difference between someone who talks about investing in property versus someone who actually takes action.  

Look, I could tell you about all of the ambitions that everyone has about investing in property, like how they are going to build a 10-property portfolio in 3 years and retire at the age of 35. 

Although, since this is Australia, you’ve probably heard these stories from one of your mates or at a family barbecue. 

I could tell you about all of the odd things these people do, like how they obsess over what their property “guru” is saying about the market instead of digging down and doing their research. 

I could tell you how they justify holding off on investing for “just another few months, until I know which way the market is heading” when other people are out there buying properties and building wealth.

I could tell you how they gradually stop bringing it up in conversations. They used to get excited about being a property mogul, but now when their friends start talking about property, they just change the topic. 

But I’d rather just show you.

Here’s an email I recently got:

Nice! A young person interested in building a life of financial freedom. I asked Robert what he’d done so far. 

Wait, what? YEARS of thinking about it?

BUT actually doing NOTHING?

Major red flag.

This story felt very familiar. I searched my inbox for Robert’s name and found this wasn’t the first time he’d reached out to me. Last year he sent this:

This guy has literally spent YEARS dreaming and stressing about the same thing –  and made absolutely zero progress. 

And he’s not alone! Notice how it can become addictive to talk about future plans (people love hearing the ambition). After a while, it almost seems like talking about investing in property is just as good as doing it.

But just talking about it isn’t going to build you wealth or deliver passive income. 

I see it every single day. I’m talking about smart, financially literate people who genuinely want to start investing in property, but they can’t seem to make it happen. 

The 10 stages of being stuck



“I know I can do this… I’m pumped up”


Minor deviation

“The market is looking a bit sketchy right now… I’ll wait a few weeks to see where it’s headed”



“Yeah, I reckon I’ll be able to retire in about five years once I get this portfolio going”


Reality setting in

“Ugh, this is harder than I thought…”


Reality setting in

“OK, I just watched this YouTube video about some good hotspots, time to start looking”



“I’ve been checking out a few suburbs but they haven’t really been ideal. I’ll leave it for a few weeks and pick this back up”



“I keep saying that I want to be a property investor, but maybe this isnt’t for me”



“I’m so stupid, why can’t I do this? I’ve tried everything”



“I didn’t really want this anyway”



“I’m never going to do this”

The secret skill of property investing

You’ve heard that the key to success in property investing is “location, location, location.” But have you ever wondered what sets the top investors apart from the rest? The answer lies in a single, yet often overlooked, secret skill: mastering the power of data.

The world of property investing is brimming with valuable information waiting to be discovered. Top investors know how to dig deep and unearth the hidden gems that others miss. They’re like modern-day treasure hunters, equipped with a high-tech compass that guides them straight to success. And that compass is data.

Data reveals trends, uncovers opportunities, and helps you make informed decisions. It’s the secret sauce that can transform a good investor into a great one. By embracing the power of data, you’ll be able to spot the best deals, stay ahead of the competition, and maximize your returns.

Imagine if you could predict the next hot neighborhood before it takes off, or spot a market downturn before it hits. With data at your fingertips, you can do just that! Leveraging cutting-edge analytics and insights, you’ll be able to pinpoint lucrative investments like a seasoned pro.

But don’t be intimidated! The secret skill of property investing doesn’t require you to be a data whiz. It’s about embracing a data-driven mindset, asking the right questions, and being willing to learn. And when you unlock the potential of data, the possibilities are endless.

Top Investors vs. The Rest: 5 Factors That Set Them Apart

Look at the striking differences between succesful investors and the “wannabees”. Which approach do you want to use in your life?


MOST PEOPLE: “If I invest at the wrong time, I’m going to lose everything. And I’ve read some articles that say that the Australian property market is going to crash. I’d better wait a few months and see what happens.”

SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS: “There is no such thing as “timing the market”. No one knows which way the property market is going to go. And even if there is a downturn in the market, there will always be suburbs that outperform the Australian market. There are always good investments to be made at any time if you know where to look”.


MOST PEOPLE: “Ugh, this is all so hard. I don’t even know where to start with researching good suburbs for investment. I’ll just see what the experts are saying and buy somewhere they recommend.”

SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS: “Property market research isn’t really all that hard. The “experts” just make it seem that way to make me buy their reports. But if I do that, I’ll be competing with all of the other people who bought those same reports and they might not suit my strategy. It’s worth taking the time to do my own research.”


MOST PEOPLE: “I don’t even know what strategy I should take. Should I go for high cash glow, capital growth, or renovate and flip homes? I can’t have them all so I’ll have to compromise.”

SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS: “If I choose my suburbs well, I can have it all. With a bit of digging, I’ll be able to find a property that delivers high cash flow in the short term while building equity in the long term. And if I choose well, I can even do some renovation to increase the value even more.”


MOST PEOPLE: “All of the other people out there know more than me, and they’ll out-compete me. This stuff is too hard to learn.”

SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS: “Property market investing is complex, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. With the right training material and support, I know that I can learn to do this.”


MOST PEOPLE: “I want to build a portfolio ASAP so I can retire early and live a life of luxury. I’ve seen people who have built huge portfolios in just 3 years. I’m going to do the same – if not more! And if I can’t do that, it’s not worth the effort.”

SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS: “Successful property investment is a long-term game. Sure, I’d love to build a portfolio as quickly as possible, but I know that the real returns will come 5, 10, or even 15 years down the line. I’m happy to patiently build up a solid portfolio over time.”

This is the unspoken, hidden game of Property Investing that allows winners to keep winning while everyone else — even smart, talented people — get stuck and don’t even know why.

It took me years of work, research, networking, and sheer trial-and-error to discover the skills that give winners the rare edge we all crave. 

Yes, skills. Because property market research and investing can be taught, practiced, and perfected. How come nobody talks about this?

The short answer is: It doesn’t sell. The vast majority of people are looking for tactics for “rapid wealth growth” and “quick profits.” They don’t want to do the work themselves. They just want to be told where to buy. 

And then they wonder why they’re constantly outcompeted by other investors who are reading all the same material. 

Learning how to do your own market research changes everything – it lets you play a completely different game. 


Learn the secrets of finding the top performing property markets — and gain an instant edge

Take Charge of Your Financial Future

By mastering the art of identifying top property markets, you'll unlock the door to long-term wealth and financial security. Embrace this newfound knowledge and seize control of your financial destiny - because it's time to create the prosperous future you deserve.

Streamline Your Research Process

Say goodbye to endless hours spent sifting through complex market data and countless spreadsheets. Our cutting-edge tools and proven strategies will revolutionize your research process, allowing you to identify top-performing property markets with ease and efficiency. Invest smarter, faster, and with complete confidence, as you unlock the true potential of your property portfolio.

Invest with Confidence

Empower yourself with expert insights, data-driven strategies, and a deep understanding of the property market landscape. As you master the secrets of top-performing property markets, you'll cultivate unwavering confidence in your investment decisions. So go ahead and seize those golden opportunities, knowing that you're backed by the knowledge and tools to make your property investments truly shine.

Location Genius is an online course that equips you with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of property investing and master the essential skills that set successful investors apart.

This is specific – we include exact concepts, examples, and strategies you can use right away.

This is rapid – a 30-day course with new material that you can apply instantly. Take it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.

And this is practical – if you’ve already tried the whirlwind of random property investment tips and tricks, and you want to go beyond surface-level advice to focus on what truly works, Location Genius gives you the precise, actionable steps to incorporate these vital skills into your everyday investment decisions.

In the course, you'll learn...

Property Investing Basics

Learn the fundamentals of real estate investment, including how to develop an investment strategy, setting your budget, risks and rewards of property investment, and who you'll need on your team.

The Property Investment Lifecycle

You'll learn how to navigate the entire investment process, from identifying potential properties to managing and selling them.

The Power of Data

You'll learn how to use data analysis tools and techniques to make informed decisions about real estate investment opportunities.

What Makes a Good Suburb?

Learn how to assess the key factors that contribute to the desirability and long-term growth potential of a neighborhood.

The Suburb Selection Process

You'll learn a step-by-step approach to researching and comparing suburbs to find the best investment opportunities for your real estate portfolio.

Case Studies: Location Genius in Action

Explore real-world examples of successful real estate investments made using the Location Genius approach and learn how to apply these strategies to your own investment opportunities.

Building a Location Genius Network

Learn how to establish and maintain a professional network of industry experts, partners, and other investors to help you make more informed and successful real estate investment decisions.

How it works:

The ENTIRE Location Genius: The Ultimate System to Suburb Selection for Real Estate Investment course is available in video, audio, and transcript formats. 

This is an active course where we’ll show you how to integrate the principles into your investment strategy. 

You’ll get a specific call to action every step of the way. Do these and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can improve your property investment decisions.

Plus, lifetime access to Location Genius. 

Revisit any module and video you want to enhance your understanding or get a boost. 

Feeling uncertain about a suburb? Struggling with property analysis? Discouraged by a challenging market? The solutions will be in your back pocket, ready for you when you need them.

The difference between winners — and everyone else

In the highly competitive world of property investing, there’s a clear divide between those who consistently excel and those who struggle to keep up.

So, what sets the winners apart from everyone else? It’s their ability to harness the power of data, identify lucrative opportunities, and make strategic decisions that propel them to the top.

Winners understand the value of learning from the best in the business. They surround themselves with mentors and experts, soaking up invaluable knowledge and insights that help them refine their craft.

They’re committed to constant self-improvement and growth, ensuring that their property investing skills remain top-notch.

The secret to becoming a winner in property investing lies in embracing the right mindset, mastering the art of data analysis, and honing your ability to make strategic decisions.

Are you ready to bridge the gap and join the ranks of the winners?

Equip yourself with the knowledge, tools, and insights to elevate your property investing game and leave everyone else in the dust.

Location Genius IS for you if...

You're tired of sifting through contradictory information online and struggling to determine who has your best interests at heart

You want to stop blindly chasing the latest "hot spots" promoted by "market experts" and start emulating the proven strategies of top-performing property investors.

You're determined to leave "window-shopping the property market" behind and seize the moment to take decisive action, securing your financial future with confidence and conviction.

You're committed to the long-term vision of property investing, fully aware that the market will have its ups and downs, yet confident in your ability to achieve impressive gains by making smarter, data-driven decisions.


We’ve packed a wealth of knowledge into Location Genius, and we want to ensure that you fully experience its potential before you fully commit to it. We’re offering you a 60-day window to absorb the content, apply it to your property investment strategy, and make sure it truly works for you. Dive into the entire course and take advantage of the full 60 days, which is more than enough time to complete the course twice and then decide. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, we insist on refunding 100% of your money, even covering the credit card processing fees.

It’s simple: Enroll in Location Genius and try it for yourself. If the powerful location insights and data-driven strategies don’t significantly impact your property investments within 60 days, just reach out to us. Show us that you’ve applied the strategies, and we’ll gladly give you a full refund. This guarantee spans 60 days, covering the entire course, allowing you to experience the WHOLE program and then decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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Our Happy Clients

Some people choose to follow the crowd. Others choose Location Genius.

The complex world of property investment can be overwhelming, leaving many struggling to build their portfolios and missing out on countless opportunities. Top Performers, however, recognize that understanding property investment and location selection is the key to success and financial freedom.

Location Genius: The Ultimate System for Location Selection in Property Investment offers a way to overcome the top challenges in property investing. These deep, inner skills, which have led many to “win” the game of property investment, will become invaluable assets you’ll return to throughout your investing journey.

With Location Genius, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to navigate market trends, select prime locations, and achieve your investment goals. Embrace this “secret playbook” and take charge of your financial future. A year from now, you’re going to be a year older. What are you going to do?

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