How to Keep Your Home Safe?

How to Keep Your Home Safe?

It’s surprisingly simply and easy to keep your home safe from burglars, improving your home security can be done effectively and cost efficient. Not only will you have greater peace of mind, you might find your home insurances cost reduce with the increased security as well as reducing chances of loosing valuables.

It’s interesting to review a recent study completed by Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), they reveal a costly security system isn’t necessarily the best deterrent.

The study researched convicted criminals, giving a first-hand insight in what makes a particular property an easy target. Unbelievable one in three offenders advised they planned their burglaries, however the majority were spontaneous – mainly drawn to properties by easy access and a way to get in and out quickly.

It turns out a dog is a burglar’s biggest deterrent. Other things that reduced the chances of the burglar entering the property were:

  • a dog (61.4%)
  • working alarm systems (49.1%)
  • sensor lights (22.8%),
  • lights inside house (19.3%)
  • grilled windows/doors (19%)
  • unknown area (14%)
  • visibility of property from road (14%), and
  • gates (12.3%).

Given the above, improving your home security can be cost effective.

I guess buying a dog might not be for everyone. However installing an alarm system or adding security screens on doors/window can be a great deterrent. Also simple things such as censored lights on footpaths and doorways can keep you home safe and secure.

It’s all about simple preventative strategies that could minimise the risk of you becoming a victim of an opportunistic burglary.

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