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Halve your weekly grocery bill

Halve your weekly grocery bill

Money-wise Australians are looking for ways to get better value, and with a good chunk of spending going towards groceries, this is one area where smart shopping can serve up big savings.

Research in 2011 found we spend around $200 each week on groceries though the current figure could be higher thanks to rising prices. Nonetheless, your grocery bill could add up to more than $10,000 annually. If you could halve the cost, you’d have an extra $5,000 to spend elsewhere. And it turns out there is a way to do just that.

According to consumer group Choice, shopping at budget-priced retailer Aldi can slash 50 per cent off the cost of groceries. As a guide, Choice found a basket of groceries can cost around $174 at Coles, $176 at Woolworths, and just $87 at Aldi.

Shop online

Okay, but what if you love big name brands? No problem, here’s another way to save. Online grocer Grocery Run reckons it can provide savings of 50% on regular grocery items, with savings of up to 80% on other stock lines. You’ll pay a $9.99 shipping fee too, so it’s always worth shopping around and know your prices so you know where you’re actually making savings, and where you aren’t.

Timing counts

If you prefer to shop in person, time your trip to maximise bargains. Surprisingly, the most popular day of the week for supermarket shopping is Sunday so if you’re looking for savings it can pay to hit the supermarket mid-week. Late afternoon and early evening can be a great time to pick up heavily marked down perishables like bread, meat and fruit/veg.

Budget brands

Save a bit more by replacing a few branded items with generic (home brand) products. The same Choice survey found it’s possible to trim around 34 per cent off grocery costs by stocking up on cheaper house brands.

Food for thought, right?

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