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Double Brick vs Timber Framed Houses

Are you planning to build a new house or renovating the existing one? If so, you may already have started exploring your options and thinking about whether you should go for double brick or timber frame construction. When it comes to deciding between brick vs timber houses, there are a number of factors you should keep in mind.

When it comes to building a house in Western Australia, especially in the Perth region, people prefer to do double brick construction as they believe it is the best form of construction. Most builders in these areas do double brick construction for renovation or building houses. Whereas, builders of residential properties elsewhere around Australia prefer to do steel framed or timber frame methods. Therefore, at the time of choosing between brick vs timber houses, it may be wise to make your choice depending on the area where you live or plan to live.

There are so many other variables that come into play when choosing between brick vs timber houses. You should keep all those variables in mind before going ahead with this decision. Discuss it with your real estate agent as they have thorough knowledge of the market and can guide you in the right direction.

Given below are the pros and cons of brick vs timber houses along with a thorough detail of what they are.


Double Brick Construction

Double brick houses are comprised of two masonry panels that can be built with concrete blocks, cement bricks, and/or clay bricks. You can create an outer layer with face brick, which doesn’t require any rendering, or it can be rendered masonry.

The space between the panels is filled with a cavity that protects the entire structure. It keeps the moisture from coming between inner and outer panels. Whereas, steel brick ties are used to bind the panels together.


Benefits of Double Brick Construction

When comparing brick vs timber houses, you will find a number of benefits for using a double brick method to build houses.

  • Compared to timber-framed construction, the double brick method is more fire resistant
  • It doesn’t require too much maintenance in the long run
  • It insulates the sound due to the thickness of double bricks, which leads to fewer noise complaints, especially in areas of large population.
  • Bricks usually have a thermal mass, which prevents the walls from getting hot in summers and cold during winters. This means that during winters, you will be able to enjoy a cozy environment in the house, and during summers, the house will stay cool.
  • Non-organic material is used in masonry construction, which keeps the termites and other bugs away

Disadvantages of Double Brick Construction

  • Double brick construction can be quite expensive as it involves material and labour cost
  • It might take a long time to build a brick property compared to timber houses
  • It does not provide the flexibility to make variations in the design once you build it
  • The walls are thick due to the double layer of masonry, which means that it occupies a lot of space that could be used for other purposes
  • The double brick walls can crack over time and it would be very costly to maintain.


Timber Frame Construction

Heavy timber is used to build timber frame houses. You can either choose a reverse brick veneer by creating an internal brick wall that improves the solar passive design, or buildings can be lined internally with Gyprock. The external part of the building can be covered with any material you prefer to use.


Benefits of Using the Timber Frame Method

  • When choosing between brick vs timber houses, you will be able to save a lot of money as it has a lower construction cost due to relatively cheap material and labour.
  • Due to its lightweight, it can have high energy ratings. It provides the right amount of insulation and the internal temperature adapts according to the weather condition
  • You can choose from a variety of material for external covering, including blue board cladding, weatherboards, and more
  • Its walls are not too thick and provide enough space inside the house


  • It is not as strong as a brick house
  • It can quickly catch fire compared to brick houses
  • Due to the use of timber, it might get infected with termites and you will have to incur cost every few months to control the situation

At the end of the day, a decision to choose between brick vs timber houses comes down to your preference and need. Therefore, keep all the factors in mind before going ahead with this decision.

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