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Is Defence Housing Australia A Good Investment?

We take defence housing very seriously, because it isn’t always the best and only option for many. When our clients come to us asking about defence housing Australia and whether it is a good investment, we go through a number of processes to ensure it is correct for them.

While there is a level of security attached with defence housing, it’s not quite at the level that is of an investment property, which is where the downfall lies.

It’s important to beware of the positives and negatives associated with defence housing and to know the difference between investing in it compared to a standard investment property.


What are you trying to achieve through defence housing Australia?

First of all ask yourself, what is it you’re trying to acheieve through your investment property? Are you looking for maximum tax deductions? High capital growth? Best resale?

These factors are the first questions we will ask you in order to understand your purpose. If you answered yes to all of these, then it is important you consider the following.


The negatives of investing in defence housing

Defence housing as an investment will not provide you with these benefits. Often we see people opt for defence housing due to the safety associated with it. However, the key element when it comes to buying an investment property is that you find a property that attracts tenants all year round.


The positives of investing in defence housing

Aside from the negatives, some of the postives include: peace of mind if there’s an economic downturn – as you will obtain a long-term lease and you’ll have a team of property managers.

The reason why people invest in defence housing is due to the long duration of the lease along with the rent being reviewed annually. DHA also carry out inspections and will take care of any property-related outgoings on your behalf.

The tenants will always be members of the Australian Defence Force which means that you can ensure the property is in good heads and will be kept neat and tidy. You can find out more about investing in defence housing Australia here.


Overall, just like everything, there are positives and negatives when it comes to investing in defence housing, however the best option is always to seek advice from an expert. You can never have too much information and gaining a further understanding from a non-biased expert will allow you to calmly make a decision and find the best investment option for you.

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