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Defence Housing Australia Home Loan

Defence Housing Australia Home Loan

Looking for an investment opportunity? After guaranteed rent with no tenant obligations? Defence Housing Australia (DHA) might be an option for you, becoming a popular investment option for many as rental income is guaranteed (if the property is tenanted or not). They also take care of most non-structural repair and maintenance.

Leasing agreements for DHA properties are generally 3 or 6 years however can be negotiated down to 12 months in some circumstances. Rent is payable from the commencement of the lease term and paid monthly in advance. Rent is still paid even when the property isn’t occupied.

Most lenders are reluctant to lend to those purchasing a defence house. Lenders are conservative at the best of times. As DHA properties have long term leases the properties only appeal to investors. This means if the property needed to be sold due to repossession (by the lender), the sale may take longer or worse not achieve the sale price required.

DHA review rent on properties every 12 months, they seek independent advise from valuers to determine the rental yield. The properties are also managed by experts who have a wealth of experience in property management.

The first step towards purchasing a DHA investment property is getting finance.

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